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I soo missed the sunset in Portugal, not only that I missed our wonderful floating home.. Asked myself How is she there🤔 Is she’s okey? Our lovely home is on the hard and left alone, where i was I used to wait every afternoon for the sunset and take a good picture but this one was my last sunset photo for now, we don’t know yet when will be back , if we get a job or back to our boat and continue our journey and make more memories, I guess I’m not ready to live on land and live in the house, I get dizzy all the time, the traffic , the noise of the city and the driving .. I’m not used to it, since I was living in the boat for 5 years, it feels strange for me. I missed chilin in the boat, I missed sitting in our cockpit and observed the mother nature, the birds singing, the water splashes, the howling of the wind, the fishes in the sea that were freely swimming around our boat, I missed sailing our lovely home and watch our boat playing through the waves while the Dolphins around us playing on our bow with the waves,.. I missed the thrill of living in the boat..And I now realize I can’t stop travelling and I need to tell my husband that we need to go back and let our adventure continues... This photo reminds me of how beautiful the world is, this picture was taken by me..
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Ps: Germany is getting more and more colder and darker, feel so depressing...😰
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