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  • 42w ago samvandonk samvandonk

    It would be illogical/unrealistic to compare them to the movies, which are really different

  • 42w ago reinier.rutten reinier.rutten

    @samvandonk They ad to the universe, because they explore new places, characters and background stories. Tell me where in the films you've seen the Hutt family, apart from Jabba, or the geonosian queen. That's new, and there is much more!

  • 42w ago reinier.rutten reinier.rutten

    @samvandonk Rogue one was different from all the starwars I've seen before, should that no longer be Canon to?

  • 42w ago whiteravenlegion whiteravenlegion

    @samvandonk you seriously think Just because they tell diferent storys and expand the universe they should not be canon? Wow! many would say the cartoons made the story better, Just because you look at it and the image show you a cartoon it does not mean its not canon with the movies, and surprise surprise! They are as much as canon as the movies. They were/are a way for george to tell storys about this universe he could never do in the movies, so yeah, they happened, everything in that cartoons happened in the movies universe and they did nothing but make the story better

  • 42w ago whiteravenlegion whiteravenlegion

    @samvandonk Seriously you need to get better at this, give me a real reason why it should not be canon, because right now your argument makes no sense at all

  • 42w ago samvandonk samvandonk

    @whiteravenlegion no need to get pissed, child

  • 42w ago samvandonk samvandonk

    It’s just entertainment

  • 42w ago roguegeek2187 roguegeek2187


  • 42w ago maythe_forcebewithyou maythe_forcebewithyou

    Kill him

  • 42w ago maythe_forcebewithyou maythe_forcebewithyou


  • 42w ago annanlx annanlx

    Clone wars is great but the other thing there, rebels? Destroyed it

  • 42w ago mrdannymemes mrdannymemes

    This has gotta be a troll

  • 42w ago tylr__drdn tylr__drdn

    Agree 100%

  • 42w ago lauzxc lauzxc


  • 42w ago jul3tte jul3tte


  • 42w ago alex102502 alex102502

    Salt levels rising

  • 42w ago jon_philpott jon_philpott


  • 42w ago hazzergazzer_memes hazzergazzer_memes


  • 41w ago mrs.anakin_skywalker mrs.anakin_skywalker

    *trying to contain my complete raging b*tch mode*

  • 41w ago sw_info sw_info

    Those words... is it possible to use them in a sentence like that?

  • 41w ago jace_alexandr jace_alexandr

    Completely disagree...

  • 41w ago you.are.loved.for.sure you.are.loved.for.sure


  • 41w ago b_fishie b_fishie

    Yea okay....

  • 41w ago widowofredroom widowofredroom

    The Clone Wars was made by George Lucas & Dave Filoni, so it definitely is canon. Also it gives more to Anakin’s character that movies didn’t give to us. Personally, bc I have seen TCW, I like Revenge of the Sith more now.

  • 40w ago literallyshakingandcrying literallyshakingandcrying

    @swmemesociety lmaoo but why does he have a sad existence?

  • 40w ago spiritcrusher66 spiritcrusher66

    @swmemesociety not cry like huge crying... A tear, when fives and waxer died

  • 40w ago l_hill7 l_hill7

    Completely disagree with that. The Clone Wars TV show was amazing.

  • 40w ago hermannsolaas hermannsolaas

    Clone Wars was great, kind of agree with rebels though

  • 40w ago sativato sativato

    Complete bullshit

  • 40w ago samiboyo samiboyo


  • 40w ago samiboyo samiboyo

    The only thing I hate about cleaning me wars is how they screwed up general grievous

  • 40w ago jacksonjjstone jacksonjjstone

    Omg finally someone who agrees with me

  • 40w ago notkalebtroup notkalebtroup


  • 40w ago pepefelipe8 pepefelipe8

    I completely disagree

  • 40w ago pepefelipe8 pepefelipe8

    I think they make Star Wars bigger

  • 40w ago pepefelipe8 pepefelipe8

    They enrich the saga

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  • 26w ago josh.rabich josh.rabich


  • 17w ago isabellaawws__ isabellaawws__

    DISAGREE 1000000000000000%


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