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Got to do this super fun kitty cat candy yesterday on the wonderful @catpalace :) :) :) #tattooapprentice #tattoo #kittytat #cattattoo #candytattoo


  • 60w ago catpalace catpalace

    I’m still so excited about it! I need one on my other wrist now!

  • 59w ago mommylap mommylap

    @catpalace it's on your wrist? Cuuuuute!

  • 59w ago catpalace catpalace

    @mommylap yes! On the outside of my wrist and I’m in love with it. It’s the best thing ever 💕

  • 59w ago mommylap mommylap

    @catpalace I love that it's placed where you can easily look at it!

  • 59w ago catpalace catpalace

    @mommylap me too! I worried a bit about covering it but I can throw on a watch. Then I felt dumb for worrying because my arm is filling up anyway. And she’s doing another one on Friday for me. Oops!

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