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#DYK helium is a necessary ingredient to keep an MRI functioning? Liquid helium cools the magnets to minus 452 degrees Fahrenheit, just above absolute zero. But there’s currently a shortage of helium in the U.S. That’s where Freelium comes in. Freelium is advanced magnet technology that only requires 10 liters of liquid helium, whereas conventional MRIs need as much as 10,000 liters. #GE #healthcare
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    GE is a company where I can dream of serving the mankind!

  • 48w ago biirt_ biirt_

    How many days does the 10 liters last ?

  • 48w ago suszek89 suszek89

    Damn ... I didnt know that George RR Martin work there

  • 48w ago juanbleon juanbleon

    Santa Helium?

  • 48w ago smitsm13 smitsm13

    Is that Ultrasonic testing being performed?

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    Hey you guys want to give a follow back? Much appreciated!

  • 48w ago vitor_savo vitor_savo

    GE's current magnet uses 2000 liters of helium.

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  • 48w ago yellowtrain39 yellowtrain39

    Great company, unfortunately there are worthless crooks at the helm, sucking the company dry and not really earning their fat wages. Glad to see the new CEO taking steps to clean up the extreme mess left behind by the prior leadership. Trim the rest of the fat at the top...those scum VP’s and executives have caused enough damage and it’s time to get them the hell out!! Wow, leave it up to these worthless scumbag white guys to fucking destroy an American icon such as GE...such a shame....such a shame.

  • 47w ago danthema danthema

    We knew it along, Immelt was the most incompetent CEO of the last 20 years! He had no idea what he was doing n walks away with hundreds of millions! I've sold all my stock n telling others to do the same...thanks GE!

  • 46w ago rutha30 rutha30

    @generalelectric should be embarrassed with how the company is performing.

  • 46w ago winterwt winterwt

    Awesome !


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