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Flashback Friday: To the time my Mum managed to source Mac and Me on DVD and we sat down to watch it... mostly to Kylie's confusion that it could be found and embarrassment that it was one of her favourite films as a child. Seriously though, what I remember most clearly is that this movie was more akin to a feature-length commercial for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.
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  • 30w ago drumsaliveee drumsaliveee

    Beautiful xx

  • 30w ago nanageddon_87 nanageddon_87

    "Tired of feeeeling allll by myseeeelf!!" 👾😢 E.T be damned. We found it on VHS in Ulla Dulla which is acceptable but DVD?! Who let that happen?! 🤣 Best photo. Love those beans. Cosiest beans on toast! 💗

  • 30w ago amelia.tracey amelia.tracey

    @nanageddon_87 Yeah, who gives a crap about E.T. when this film blatantly ripped it off but with the inclusion of McDonald’s dance numbers? Oh man, I don’t know quite how it exists on DVD, but I have to assume it’s because of its appointed cult classic status. Haha, beans for days! ❤️

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