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This little chunk is 2 weeks old today and already 8 lbs 10 oz. I am 2 weeks PP today and still highly emotional and weepy. Send tissues. And fries. #clairejuliette #2weeksold


  • 48w ago reneegallant3 reneegallant3

    Gapbody PJ's ??????

  • 48w ago rebekahsellers rebekahsellers

    Perfectionnnn!!! Sorry for the emotions, though!! 😍😢😁🤗😣🎢

  • 48w ago xiiirach xiiirach

    sending lots of love ❤️ those first few months can be crazy emotional. i did a lot of crying too. it gets better, mama!!! you’ve done it once, you can do it again. if you ever need to talk, I’m here!

  • 48w ago mn_native_swede mn_native_swede

    Sending love & hugs!!

  • 48w ago ljwighty ljwighty

    Just make it to six weeks (that’s what I always tell myself—that’s when baby and mama start sleeping more and the emotions seem to calm down a bit). You’re both beautiful!

  • 48w ago sarahgrotenhuis sarahgrotenhuis

    @reneegallant3 target! Found them today and had to get them. So cozy 😊

  • 48w ago rclark777 rclark777

    So sweet♡ Congrats!

  • 48w ago gabe_davis014 gabe_davis014

    Oh man I was SO emotional (hormonal) the first couple weeks after William was born. As in, Mark looked at me wrong and I’d start to cry 😬😳 Oy! But this photo is adorable! ❤️❤️

  • 48w ago candaceabplanalp candaceabplanalp


  • 48w ago sarahgrotenhuis sarahgrotenhuis

    @rebekahsellers it really is a roller coaster! 😩

  • 48w ago sarahgrotenhuis sarahgrotenhuis

    @xiiirach it really is so different this time around than with Eva, a whole new and difficult experience. Thank you!

  • 48w ago sarahgrotenhuis sarahgrotenhuis

    @ljwighty thank you!!

  • 48w ago sarahgrotenhuis sarahgrotenhuis

    @gabe_davis014 thank you! At least the babies are cute to make up for the sleep deprivation and roller coaster emotions!


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