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Instagram post by @maxpowersnb jeff powers


  • 7w ago bobr6 bobr6


  • 7w ago packman75070 packman75070

    Good shoot but kinda sketchy with that 2 officer in the line of fire.

  • 7w ago julieking95 julieking95

    That’s so sad

  • 7w ago sweetpeagus.2016 sweetpeagus.2016

    And you wonder why the police are on the defensive. They're getting shot on a daily basis

  • 7w ago blk1118 blk1118

    Look at the video well. The Leo did something that you never do. They did not approach the subject the right way. ⚫️🔵⚫️

  • 7w ago sweetpeagus.2016 sweetpeagus.2016


  • 7w ago california_kim california_kim

    he still had spectacular reaction time

  • 7w ago andreanpratama48 andreanpratama48

    It so horrible

  • 7w ago cruzin___ cruzin___

    One tough motherfucker

  • 7w ago momkayc momkayc

    I hope they're okay!!

  • 7w ago haiim_from_brooklyn haiim_from_brooklyn


  • 7w ago kellyboyer18 kellyboyer18

    Pray for a fast recovery 🙏🏻 Stay safe out there.

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  • 7w ago estherr.o estherr.o


  • 7w ago nimisski nimisski


  • 7w ago barbaravirferrod barbaravirferrod


  • 4w ago p_diddy57 p_diddy57

    So brave!! Such wonderful men!! Please know how much you are loved and appreciated by people you have never even met!!💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • 2w ago sunnyentexas01 sunnyentexas01

    His partner ran in the line of fire. 😳hope he lived

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