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A year ago yesterday i lost my best friend and had him removed after going into septic shock. After spending 2months in the hospital with fevers after dialysis we realized too late that Mr.Kidney was no more and needed a Nephrectomy to take him out. He was with me for a total of 7years before he gave out on me. Technically he reached his lifespan for a cadaveric kidney, and withstood so many procedures and a total of 2rejections. Not only did Mr.Kidney teach me how delicate transplanted kidneys can be, he taught me that kidneys in general are very important. I've had my fair share of mistakes that may or may not have led to me losing Mr.Kidney, but i learned from those mistakes so i can take better care of kidney number 2. So excuse my fatness but i painted a kidney on my body in memory of Mr.Kidney #kidneyproblems #kidneysareimportant #kidneysarecool #chronickidneydisease #polycystickidneydisease #mrkidney #dialysislife💉💊 #livingwithckd #waitingonmykidney #organdonationsaveslives


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    Am very proud of you babygirl you been through so much but i know god is watching over you and he will give you another kidney soon


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