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Instagram post by @valhallawear Valhalla Wear


  • 4w ago tdubb6289 tdubb6289


  • 4w ago detjohnkimble detjohnkimble

    And then the butter bar has the nerve to ask you why haven’t you showered or shaved?

  • 4w ago mp855 mp855

    BIAP Bob Hope chow hall.

  • 4w ago bearded_tay bearded_tay


  • 4w ago b_inked83 b_inked83

    @walkingdisease69 one day, you too shall know the struggle! Its the miracle grow on the tree of hate !

  • 4w ago flogrown1129 flogrown1129


  • 4w ago braden.lindsey braden.lindsey

    Y’all should check out Aviation’s set-up some time!

  • 4w ago mp855 mp855

    @detjohnkimble why are your weapons and uniforms so dirty!? -well sir we are actually being soldiers you rear echelon fobbit motherfucker!!

  • 4w ago hundleyaj hundleyaj


  • 4w ago marshall_diaz marshall_diaz

    Oh the looks that we got when we entered the FOB from a long hiatus out in the suck 🤔... Even after coming back for a few days, we all just wanted to get our asses back off the FOB. Too many “GaraTroopers” coming up with stupid FOB rules, I’m guessing it was because they were bored and had to make their deployment fulfilling... douche bags. 👊🏼🇺🇸

  • 4w ago mp855 mp855

    @marshall_diaz we were treated like shit on the FOB by those assholes whenever we made supply runs so we acted like animals in the chow halls just to fuck with the fobbits. Good fun!!

  • 4w ago bryantdude bryantdude


  • 4w ago marshall_diaz marshall_diaz

    @mp855 we had quite a few run-ins with the Fobbits, to the point where chains of command had to get involved because we weren’t going to let those POGs treat our guys like shit. We def went savage af in their chow halls and they were mortified.

  • 4w ago mp855 mp855

    @marshall_diaz my squad called ourselves the piranha club. We pillaged anything they laid out, desserts, salad bar, drinks and we drained their precious ice cream maker dry!! It got so bad at one point they made us sit outside while they plates for us.

  • 4w ago mp855 mp855

    @mp855 while they made plates for us

  • 4w ago allhailzoidberg allhailzoidberg

    Tony Eafrati said something really funny about this in his podcast with Jocko Willink.

  • 4w ago east_coast_charters east_coast_charters


  • 4w ago a_very_angy_man a_very_angy_man

    Don't forget the shrimp and cheese fucking cake.......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 4w ago docnester docnester

    I recall a indoor pool in al asad air base and chow halls the size of home depot. An Army boot officer told us we couldn’t enter the chow hall dirty, like we had a choice.

  • 4w ago marshall_diaz marshall_diaz

    @mp855 👍🏼👊🏼💥🇺🇸

  • 4w ago _nightmare_of_life_ _nightmare_of_life_

    What's this from a movie? Sorry idk

  • 4w ago jtmoore01 jtmoore01

    Playing pool volleyball, watching a movie in an actual theater and stuffing face in a lavish chowhall in qatar was the best vacation i ever had.

  • 4w ago whitescalp83 whitescalp83

    At Bien Hoa Airbase in the Officers Club two First Cav Officers straight off choppers waiting for Pick Up, carrying 80-100lb loads with live ammunition set their M16s on the bar and ordered cold beers. The bartender an AF NCO told them they couldn’t be in the bar looking like that. Their response was FU and bring the beer. The NCO said he would call the APs and one of the officers responded “they better come armed”. True story.

  • 4w ago headkick1331 headkick1331

    From shank to Bagram. 😡

  • 4w ago clyde_frogg85 clyde_frogg85

    bahahaha, it's so true

  • 4w ago greegsbee greegsbee

    @detjohnkimble oh fuck yeah! The dirty multicams. Like are you fucking shitting me?? Fuck you and your boardwalk, McD and Mongolian BBQ eating ass! Give me my damn ice cream and stock my dip and smokes, then back the fuck off. I hated when some damn brass asked why I was dirty in the DESERT.

  • 4w ago 2.1.foxtrot 2.1.foxtrot


  • 4w ago goatzega3006 goatzega3006

    Lol preach.

  • 4w ago greg_butera greg_butera

    Its a weird mix of jealousy and pride 😆😆

  • 4w ago mbwelding7018 mbwelding7018

    Lmao. Like when u get back from deployment and you can small your girl from 200 yards away.

  • 4w ago jongreen0982 jongreen0982

    🤣 That shit has me dyin’

  • 4w ago jenniferrose6714 jenniferrose6714


  • 4w ago valhallawear valhallawear

    @mbwelding7018 No kidding. Like a fuckin great white shark.

  • 4w ago cmdeuce cmdeuce

    @lloyd_nightmare it’s from The Revenant, the one where DiCaprio gets half-ass eaten by a bear.

  • 4w ago _nightmare_of_life_ _nightmare_of_life_

    @cmdeuce oh lmao

  • 4w ago cowhalla_bbq cowhalla_bbq

    And was was that shit too battle bean

  • 4w ago buttjustin buttjustin


  • 4w ago alpha.brew.coffee alpha.brew.coffee

    For real tho. When Kandahar had that Burger King and smoothie shop and you were shitting in MRE bags for 4 months

  • 4w ago frickmerunning frickmerunning

    @detjohnkimble I was in the 1st gulf war.. no shit.. had my mom ship me a little inflatable pool and some laundry detergent so we could wash our damn clothes. After 3 months in the desert.... And when we got back to the rear.. we caught 10 kinds of shit for being dirty... Fuck you. I want some of that Wolf Burger you got there..

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