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Instagram post by @evangelinelillyofficial Evangeline Lilly

#waspworkout 🏃🏻‍♀️ #motivation #goals .
A fan wrote a me a question after last week's body fat post asking if I have a particular body fat % I aim for. I answered "Never! I aim to feel and look my best. Healthy and strong, lean and graceful. That's my goal. The numbers don't matter to me." This got me thinking about goals and motivation. Many of you have asked me where I derive my motivation from, because you feel you have none.
The truth is, that I also have no motivation...when I have no goal. My goals are always changing, but without a clear one, I can't muscle up the discipline needed to really make change or even maintain it well.
Sometimes my goal is to look great for camera, sometimes it's to feel sexy in bed, sometimes it's to know I can carry my toddler without hurting my back and still catch my rambunctious six-year-old. Sometimes it's wanting to live out my long-time dream of being able to do gymnastics, sometimes it's wanting to feel light and energetic. Sometimes I want my skin and hair to glow and bounce again, sometimes I want my clothes to hang in that certain way. Sometimes I just want to feel comfortable in my bikini. Sometimes my goal is to be able to continue climbing trees until I'm 100-yrs-old. Whatever it is
1. It's a crucial ingredient in my motivation.
2. It has to be about me. MY goal can't be about what someone ELSE looks like, acts like, or feels like.
Each of us is so unique and our perfect journey will never look exactly like someone elses, our perfect body will never look exactly like someone elses. To me, it's important that I want to feel sexy for me, not according to some standard I imagine he has for me. .
When was the last time you actually thought long and hard about what you want, and why you want it? ...Today's as good a day as any. #dreambig #dreamsmall #justdream


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  • 4w ago mel.naildesign mel.naildesign

    I miss lost forever

  • 4w ago huddehit huddehit

    Wow, you Said that right!

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  • 4w ago sarabyerz sarabyerz

    Aww I miss it 😘💕💕💕

  • 4w ago russellcreekmore russellcreekmore

    Bad ass

  • 4w ago isabel_cbc isabel_cbc

    I love LOST!

  • 4w ago sweetpeerpixel sweetpeerpixel

    Lost was and is one of the best TV shows 😍

  • 3w ago omid_jafari_eagle omid_jafari_eagle

    Watching Lost Righ Nowwww 👍👍

  • 3w ago omid_jafari_eagle omid_jafari_eagle

    Best Tv Shows

  • 3w ago triggamatic_ triggamatic_

    Lost was really the Kate show imo. Always had me on edge on what she was gonna do.

  • 3w ago miapapz miapapz

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOST

  • 3w ago agapotempa agapotempa

    Kate ❤ ❤ ❤ 😂😂😂

  • 3w ago agapotempa agapotempa

    I love this scene

  • 3w ago miladg007 miladg007

    I missed Lost

  • 3w ago patriciepoo patriciepoo

    I never miss lost because I’m always back on the island rewatch after rewatch. Love You Kate. ❤️

  • 3w ago eirdal eirdal

    Lost has scarred me emotionally for life!

  • 3w ago flobibi_ flobibi_

    @evangelinelillyofficial your words are amazing! I admire you❤🌹

  • 3w ago magically.mike magically.mike

    @evangelinelillyofficial what’s the fan mail address!!??

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    @evangelinelillyofficial lost love youu

  • 3w ago neoleandro neoleandro

    Good Times (Brazil)

  • 3w ago dylanneaubrey dylanneaubrey

    You are such a badass and you have been my girl crush for 13 years!!! Can’t wait to see the new movie 😍😍

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    Love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️lost !!

  • 3w ago stoneantonny stoneantonny

    I'm watching a week in the series, here in Brazil, I'm already in the third season

  • 3w ago stoneantonny stoneantonny

    and thanks for everything, I'm very lost fan!

  • 3w ago stoneantonny stoneantonny


  • 3w ago g_dima96 g_dima96

    I love U, LOST #1 in the word! Thank you for that you did! I waited new series long 6 years and it was splendidly!💗👍

  • 3w ago soyaliw soyaliw

    Totally agree, that make me cry haha. Love your personality ❤️

  • 3w ago textbnd textbnd

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍عشقه این سریال

  • 3w ago andreamjpepe andreamjpepe

    What a day to read this! I have been off balance with my goals lately, it’s nice to be reminded to not loose one’s perspective- many thanks! I’m gonna move forward to dream but, dream small and rock out! 😉

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    Love LOST and you #lost

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    I missed Lost ❤

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    Lost 💘💕💘

  • 5d ago injun_blade injun_blade

    wow, ive never met or will i ever meet a person named Evangeline. I had a thought, seson 7, Lost. it really is all in Hurleys head. But when he goes back out into the world, he sees these figments of his imagination take hold of their own destiny. a, 'be careful what you create' senario. awe man, thatd be awesome.

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    You are hero❤️

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