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  • 47w ago pure_angus_beaf pure_angus_beaf

    your adventures are TEMPTING me to just drop out and go on some excursions myself! ones more my caliber of course.

  • 47w ago chacotrekker chacotrekker

    @b_newberry Haha.. If you're not going into debt, stay in school. If youre going to school to make a livable wage, get out. This one wasn't much of an adventure, just a three mile hike outside of Telluride this morning before work. But then again, just living out here is an adventure everyday!

  • 47w ago isagracenoe isagracenoe

    Missing your chem class. Northwestern has made me hate chemistry 😰

  • 47w ago chacotrekker chacotrekker

    @isagracenoe Just stand up in class and do a matrix or elevator cable snapping

  • 47w ago isagracenoe isagracenoe

    @chacotrekker might have to! For some reason the #3 chem program in the US is like, suuuuuper serious. Love seeing your adventures on here though!


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