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"I've realized that it was time to walk away when I started to get afraid of you. When I had to mure myself in the bathroom and you were beating on the door. When I was scared that the next time you wont hit the wall, you will hit me. I stayed way too long than I shall. You were poison, I knew that. But people do things they shouldnt do anyways. I always thought that maybe you're just not in a good mood, or that times gonna make it better. But you still screamed at me everyday. And you still made me cry every night. I stayed anyways. I always thought about myself in a positive way, «Im a pretty girl and my body is also quite good». But then I met you and you destroyed my whole self confidence. You made me feel less my worth. And I've never been good enough, thats why you were always texting those other girls. I blamed it on me so I stayed, anyways. You always repressed my thoughts, my sentiments, my words. Thats why I stoped talking after a while. You still found a reason to scream at me. Even thow I was just sitting there, shutting my mouth. And when my tears rolled out you told me to stop being so dramatic. I stayed, anyways. I stayed too long than I shall, but there was a point where I knew its time to leave. Cause no means no, and thats all there is." #metoo


  • 39w ago pandanys pandanys

    I am very glad you got out of that situation and started taking back your life and your self-confidence! You're a wonderful and inspiring girl, and no one should ever make you feel like you're less. Stay strong and always enjoy life, Lea 😊♥️

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  • 39w ago ___niicii ___niicii

    all my respect for you girl! ♥️

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  • 39w ago _cuteweirdo _cuteweirdo

    Ich weiss genau wie du dich fühlsch/gfühlt hesch... Han en ähnliche ghs

  • 39w ago earthyfiona earthyfiona

    schick der ganz viel liebi ❤

  • 39w ago nebelrind nebelrind

    You deserve nothing but the very best, stay as strong as you are

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  • 39w ago kalqe kalqe

    Wow. Love to you

  • 39w ago ylrevebalone ylrevebalone

    1:1 what I had to go through! Stay strong 💞 I feel you! And you're not alone.

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  • 39w ago froedel_ froedel_

    Thanks for this one ❤️

  • 38w ago svenledermann svenledermann

    lea chum mit dä laura bald mal wieder uf winti mit mir eis go suufe 😉 ich verschprich dr dich au nüm azzünde 😂

  • 38w ago leacelestine leacelestine

    @svenledermann jaaaaa das mümmer unbedingt mache! D laura isch ja no z bali aber wenn sie wieder da isch gsemmer eus! 😁

  • 38w ago ninoilpadrino ninoilpadrino

    What a beautiful face

  • 37w ago leacelestine leacelestine

    @ninoilpadrino ❤️

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