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#waybackwednesday #wbw this was a couple of days after my first #ClassicPhysique show in between my 2nd one 4 weeks apart working on the improvements that NPC Head judge @tkguindy had given me as feedback to work on. More overall conditioning especially in the back. But I show this picture to show how important a good rebound can do to you. I weighed in 141 for my first show, then ate and enjoyed that weekend of the show, shot up to 151 in this pic Tuesday after my show, and then came in at 145 for my 2nd #classicphysique show. A good rebound to ME doesn't mean eat every thing in sight for a couple of days or a week, or eat like crap! It means a couple of meals and lots of water! But more important I listened to my mentor and coach @stanthemanmcquay and thus we were able to bring a better all around package. Always listen to your coaches and always respect and work on any feedback any judges give you. Right now I'm Already 163 and still growing, my goal for off season is 175, and then step on stage at 155, 10 lbs bigger than last year! @physiqueinc @perfectposing #PHZQINC #posingcoach


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