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Drunk man, pepper spray and K9
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  • 47w ago dylan_dillywilly1 dylan_dillywilly1

    @rickyestrada13 To answer your question, the drunk man would have likely acted a lot different if he knew the officers were armed. If the presence of a gun was not enough to deter the suspect, a taser or swift takedown would definitely have done the trick. The officers only endangered those around them and themselves by not handling this situation quicker.

  • 47w ago _croatian_sensation _croatian_sensation

    LMFAO, this is embarrassing

  • 47w ago jdito13 jdito13

    @rickyestrada13 They should have tazed him or tackled him. Either that or used the dog earlier

  • 47w ago nathaniel_.holmes nathaniel_.holmes

    @colbaayy what part, the part where he didn't get shot 10 seconds into the clip? Real cops don't shoot people.

  • 47w ago colbaayy colbaayy

    @nathaniel_.holmes boy don’t play you would cry without law enforcement

  • 47w ago nathaniel_.holmes nathaniel_.holmes

    @colbaayy we have great law enforcement here. There are treat law enforcement agencies all around the world. It just does not exist in the United States; you wingnuts are just too damn trigger happy.

  • 47w ago colbaayy colbaayy

    @nathaniel_.holmes u big mad or lil mad bro

  • 47w ago bcuttzo bcuttzo

    I think it's amazing how this situation was de-escalated without a single gun. The police didn't even put a hand towards their guns the whole time because this is how they are trained. In America this would have been another poor representation of a "hate crime."

  • 47w ago jaeden.carr6 jaeden.carr6

    @itskitkatm8 Less Threatening and timid because they didn't shoot first and ask questions later like American law enforcement?

  • 47w ago trudobie_dad trudobie_dad

    I was only speaking for the handler and the dog, but at least everyone got to go home that day.@itskitkatm8

  • 47w ago trudobie_dad trudobie_dad

    That’s what I’m saying. That dude was lucky he wasn’t in LA 😂😂 @jaeden.carr6

  • 47w ago tattoosbyjoshtrunfull tattoosbyjoshtrunfull

    @kellett101 They're not british

  • 47w ago terriejsalazar_xo terriejsalazar_xo

    Down!! Says the K9 @angelaadamspaz

  • 47w ago well_viola well_viola

    Aqui no Brasil nós já tinha muido ele na tonfada e depois mandava o Dog morder ainda 💀

  • 47w ago vadym_1355 vadym_1355

    They are police???I don't think so...

  • 47w ago mrziomalx mrziomalx

    Haha pussies

  • 47w ago mandnclarke mandnclarke

    Should have taken him down earlier but thank God nobody was shot like what happens in a certain gungho country we constantly hear in the news...

  • 47w ago that_boxing_craft that_boxing_craft


  • 47w ago luu_brg luu_brg

    On la loupé !!!! 😂😂 @leur_ex

  • 47w ago zorro_diman zorro_diman

    Слабаки блин...ссыкучие

  • 47w ago sera_gsxr sera_gsxr

    Bad policemen

  • 46w ago jose_tempestira jose_tempestira

    Wtf this policemen are all pussys me self could best this retard with 4 moves

  • 46w ago vape.nayshh_ vape.nayshh_

    @jose_tempestira Yeah but if they we're to punch him or do anything of the sorts, people cry bloody murder. Its hard to grapple with someone who has no boundaries, he can punch, eye gouge, etc

  • 46w ago jose_tempestira jose_tempestira

    @notmarcuscoia.spam i see tje point society got retard all people think violence is allways bad and it is not like this some times you have to be the stronger one.

  • 46w ago imti2k9 imti2k9

    It was in Holland.

  • 46w ago sweet_ili1365 sweet_ili1365

    @danial_bastaanifar ta shalvaresho dar nayoovord velesh nakard😄

  • 46w ago bigfonzo88 bigfonzo88

    That was horrible

  • 45w ago d.holloway__ d.holloway__

    Dude tried going after the dog wtf 😂😂

  • 45w ago c0d3y c0d3y

    Good dog

  • 45w ago adamgans adamgans

    This cops are pathetic

  • 45w ago imankninja imankninja

    This is so cool. The dog immobilizes the human without hurting him. Very awesome training! (No judgement made on the situation or the justification of it all, just a comment on the smart dog)

  • 45w ago daphenegray7 daphenegray7

    Would of let dog go at full charge

  • 45w ago shahrad_vaghefi shahrad_vaghefi

    Such a peach police Holland has. What if they hadn't dog?!

  • 45w ago overland_tennessee overland_tennessee

    What in the fuck? Those cops were a damn shit show. That K9 was nibbling and was quite possibly one of the worst I've seen. There are so many great options in Europe with French ring etc.. pathetic example of law enforcement.

  • 45w ago overland_tennessee overland_tennessee

    Needed more force, and less pussyfooting

  • 44w ago buffalo_bob_ buffalo_bob_

    Amsterdam needs to have more requirements to make the force, like you gotta have balls!

  • 38w ago sergio_falla sergio_falla

    If it had happened in the US that dude would not exist

  • 38w ago slab.addict slab.addict

    @sergio_falla yea lmao can tell the dogs are trained differently haha no bites to the neck or fatal wounds n deep ass wounds just pulling his pant leg lol 😂

  • 28w ago fabiocav fabiocav

    @tgabrielachaves @rafaelnascimentoramos

  • 27w ago bigfonzo88 bigfonzo88



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