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Sound off!!!! What was your scariest moment when someone thought shit like this was funny? Mine was first time loading magnesium flares in an aircraft system. 30 of those bad boys were just about to make contact with the firing mechanism when my instructor of all people did this to me. Damn near had a heart attack right then and there. #badjoke #surprise #dontdoit


  • 52w ago specopveteran specopveteran

    You mean to tell me no one has a story? Come on!!

  • 52w ago nblake72 nblake72

    Now I work in the munitions industry. We were doing some testing in a blast chamber. someone dropped a lid from a 55 gal drum while i was prepping the charge. Total accident but my heart literally stopped for a beat or two.

  • 52w ago karoshisan.reference1 karoshisan.reference1


  • 52w ago specopveteran specopveteran

    @nblake72 yeah!!!! I would have had to change clothes. Lol

  • 52w ago nblake72 nblake72

    @specopveteran yea I had to stop and count fingers.

  • 51w ago redbeard_wes redbeard_wes

    Yeah on a normal demo range we scared a young pvt that was setting a charge, built about a 10lbs castle out of c4 fucking around with the last det of the day, pvt had his finger in the ring of the igniter yelled boom in his ears he pulled it, we had just enough time on the fuse to run like hell get enough distance to where it didn't knock us out, ringing hasn't stopped since lol

  • 51w ago closetedpositivity closetedpositivity

    A soldier let go of me as I was setting up an antenna atop 90 ft compound, because I was legitimately losing my balance and he thought I was "joking"

  • 51w ago specopveteran specopveteran

    @closetedpositivity holy shit. What happened?

  • 51w ago closetedpositivity closetedpositivity

    @specopveteran nothing, I regained my balance and just cussed him out for a good hour

  • 51w ago closetedpositivity closetedpositivity

    @specopveteran we're both privates lol so there wasn't much else I could do

  • 51w ago specopveteran specopveteran

    @closetedpositivity sounds like you got really lucky

  • 50w ago nmphotoguy nmphotoguy

    We're in South America, thick jungle. Smartass throws a rubber snake in my lap. I almost crapped myself, and tossed my uneaten lunch onto the muddy ground.

  • 50w ago specopveteran specopveteran

    @nmphotoguy what a dick. I know he’s just joking but something tells me food wasn’t exactly readily available. Than one in every crowd!!!

  • 50w ago uspatriotaf uspatriotaf

    Standing on the top of a ladder at the range when a smartass quietly pulled the pin on a stingball grenade fuse. #whoflungpoo


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