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"And I asked myself...'are my stories "bad enough" to say #metoo?'" πŸ˜” .
If this post, in any way, seems to contradict my earlier "Happy Monday!" post...I assure you, it doesn't. Women smile and laugh around you everyday. It doesn't mean they've never experienced sexual assault or harassment. It doesn't mean they are happy or content with the current MO. But most of us won't let it make us sad everyday. Some days we feel the pain, but most days we chose joy and we carry on fighting, in whatever way we can, to make change. This level of institutional change is a war, not a battle. A marathon, not a sprint. My chin's up, my eyes are open, my heart is bleeding and it's a beautiful, sunny day. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞


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    Thank you ❀️

  • 30w ago mixmaster1980 mixmaster1980

    And some days women like to sh....all over all men...... instead of the men who have done them wrong ....(not to anyone specific especially not @evangelinelillyofficial ) i was raised by women and with respect ....loyal to women for 13 years straight....and if you hate on my comment your one of those women.....✌❀ #equality #unity I support strong women πŸ‘Š

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    Damn. It's almost as if we only care about those that remind us of ourselves. Being a western woman in the modern times makes one among the most protected and privileged among us.

  • 30w ago storer.sarah storer.sarah

    Me too

  • 30w ago xmnperez xmnperez

    Thank you for your voice and clarity. I asked myself the same question and genuinely questioned the 'validity' of my own experiences because I wasn't sure if they were "Bad enough". I, myself, was missing the point. Things need to change, even in the way we women have 'normalized' these behaviours. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOICE

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    ❀️ #metoo

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    ζ—₯ζœ¬γ‹γ‚‰ γŠγ†γˆγ‚“ γ—γ¦γ„γΎγ™πŸ’•πŸŒˆ

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    @fee_252 YEAH

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    @lotterumping_ #metoo ofz😜

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    Hello Kate

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    Thank you for sharing you're very brave

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    Me too.

  • 30w ago whitney_griswold whitney_griswold

    I was harassed for an entire year in high school. Everyone I told said "oh ignore it, he's just a teenage boy", or "well that should make you feel good about yourself". I eventually told a school counselor and that made things even worse. It's been ten years since high school and I still haven't "gotten over" it. I hate that my daughters live in a world where they will probably experience some degree of sexual harassment in the future. It's disgusting and degrading.

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    we all wear basically the same type of clothes (dress code) so we arent harassed... but i love how much you care about everyone and thats what makes you gr8

  • 30w ago erikegon erikegon

    Seeing your post, you inspired me to paint something and I just posted in my instagram. I really hope you like it... ✊️

  • 30w ago sophie.flaschberger sophie.flaschberger

    thank you for inspiring me every single day! @evangelinelillyofficial

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    I think it was @msrachelhollis that said a women can hold both joy and pain at the same time in her heart, and I think this applies to your post @evangelinelillyofficial. Well said!

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    I was blissfully ignorant of how much shit women go through until I became a dad to 2 daughters. Good to see there are lots of strong female role models like @evangelinelillyofficial out there for my girls.

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    πŸ™Œ bless you lovely

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    Oh me too then.

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    Me too. Sending love and light your way beautiful soul πŸ’–πŸƒβœ¨

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    What a beautiful and important post! Very important for me.

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    Awesome ❀️

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    I asked myself the same thing πŸ˜”

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    Ya f

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