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My 2 babies😍😍

____🔱Welcome To My Siege Page
⚜️Daily Siege And COD Content⚜️ _________________________________________________⚜️My Current Siege Stats⚜️ ____🔱Current Rank- Unranked🔱
⚜️Current K/D- 1.2⚜️
🔱 Current Win Loss- 1.0🔱
⚜️Current Season Rank Goal- Plat 3⚜️
🔱Current XP Level- Level 106🔱


____⚜️Twitter- Mrbbrightside⚜️
🔱Clips On My Twitter🔱
⚜️YouTube- Mrbbrightside⚜️ _________________________________________________🔱Current COD Stats🔱 _⚜️0.874 KD⚜️
⚜️Level 45⚜️
🔱Prestige 01🔱

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