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So the swap is almost done. Tried to start her up but it didn't start. It cranks and there's power but no start. So now to figure out the problem 😓 #3GEclipse #6G72 #MitsubishiMotors #MitsuNation #Club3G #3GEmpire #WorldEclipse #EclipseNation #3gOwnersGroup #FriedRiceCrew #Mishimoto #SickSpeed #D2Racing #PearlThe3G


  • 48w ago living_to_learn living_to_learn

    Go over ur wiring then make sure u have feul lol and oil up check ur spark plugs as well

  • 48w ago mitsubishilifestyle mitsubishilifestyle

    @redhead_nyc check all sensor plugs and vacuum diagrams also make sure firing order is correct

  • 48w ago hellabroken_dsm hellabroken_dsm

    All of the above would mean it would start just run under a misfire. Just take your time make sure every sensor in the harness is connected, main harness is connected to the ecu, cam sensors and all are plugged in, typical swap things it'll get started

  • 48w ago tcroc30 tcroc30

    Are you using the same ecu or a 5 speed ecu. If you swapped ecus you need to delete the immobilizer on the rom

  • 48w ago redhead_nyc redhead_nyc

    @tcroc30 I still have the auto ecu. Would it not start unless I swap to the 5 speed ecu?

  • 48w ago tcroc30 tcroc30

    @redhead_nyc I believe so. @spd_frk can you confirm

  • 48w ago redhead_nyc redhead_nyc

    @spd_frk confirmation please 👏


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