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I did something yesterday that for a LONG time I was scared to do. I rode the track....
I’ve done some crazy trails in the desert but nothing compares to this. I conquered my FEAR and I went out and just did it!
I definitely wasn’t the fastest and still have a lot to learn but hey at least I DID IT... more than what most can say who sit behind their phones and say “I can do that” but don’t actually do it.
I got a lot of amazing tips from the best @s_pietz she is amazing 🤘🏼
One thing my husband taught me that also put a lot in perspective “RIDE HUMBLE”
Thank you guys 🤙🏼
Music🎼 as I lay dying “an ocean between us”
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  • 43w ago mcgruff38 mcgruff38

    Nice! The track is completely different than trails.

  • 43w ago momacinqmars momacinqmars

    @mcgruff38 very different haha but good learning experience ! Can’t wait to do it again

  • 43w ago tanner_christ tanner_christ

    In my opinion a track is ten times better then the trails. Because you got to pin it to win it. And clearing all the jumps and all that good stuff. But keep practicing on it and it will come to you and be a natural thing

  • 43w ago kaygreg109 kaygreg109

    Hell yeah 🤘🏼🤙🏼

  • 43w ago mz.pietz mz.pietz

    Practice makes perfect! :) I'm glad you came out ❤️

  • 43w ago momacinqmars momacinqmars

    @tanner_christ thank you! I will

  • 43w ago justinbfit justinbfit


  • 43w ago chicken_lips_the_ocho chicken_lips_the_ocho

    You can try Milestone track in Riverside which isn’t too bad, I even tried the pro track and I liked it, it’s a nice change of pace without driving hours to get to the desert


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