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KOMIKET SPLURGES AND TRADES!// HUHU I.. LOVE ART SO MUCH 😭 ("please support me so I can support my friends and favourite artists!" ahahah!) #komiket


  • 66w ago kamiiireru kamiiireru

    AAAA SAME BABS! SAME / Q 7 Q )/ THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! lol I wasnt able to take a photo of the thing I bought from you o)--< already used them haha!

  • 66w ago sofiaruelle sofiaruelle

    Ahhh!!! Thank you for buying!!!!

  • 66w ago jhorliearts jhorliearts

    Thanks again for dropping byyy!! ❤️

  • 65w ago hugzspark hugzspark

    Omo!!! Huhuhu thankyou rin sa arttrade alex!!!!!! Sobrang ganda ng art style mo huhu

  • 65w ago hugzspark hugzspark

    Gonna post my art haul sometime soon and will be tagging you as well!

  • 65w ago priichan priichan

    Thank youu !!!!!

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