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Instagram post by @evangelinelillyofficial Evangeline Lilly

This beautiful man runs a program in Atlanta mentoring young, aspiring people who want to make a career in the movies and can't afford film school. He does it for nothing. He does it with passion. He inspires me and I can't wait for the chance to talk to his students. @moviemakermentors @wyattbelton #nonprofit #just❤️#nofilter #just❤️


  • 5w ago timon_brans34 timon_brans34

    Ur still my first love @evangelinelillyofficial 😆🙌🏽

  • 5w ago asielprime asielprime

    @kaylieesi YES!

  • 5w ago cyberaug cyberaug

    Inspiring to see people helping others makes their dreams come true!

  • 5w ago aki_soba aki_soba

    @evangelinelillyofficial That’s so awesome

  • 5w ago sarahhaveron sarahhaveron

    Wow he does it for nothing give that man a hug from me for helping and supporting others on there way in life when they have nothinh . He is a true local hero he awesome . Enjoy your day 😀

  • 5w ago magically.mike magically.mike

    Wish I could meet u😂

  • 5w ago olegovnalesia olegovnalesia

    Beautiful ❤️

  • 5w ago beanafred beanafred

    @evangelinelillyofficial This is amazing! When I was in middle school, my county started a free arts program that would allow accepted students to leave school early and train with professionals one day a week. It made it feel like I could do something for the first time. I am so thankful those students have a program like this and so thrilled to hear you’re taking your time to inspire them even more. I wish them all the best! ❤️ Also, I’ll be in Atlanta myself in a few weeks!

  • 5w ago seren_seyam seren_seyam

    Mmm why no picture with ant man??? 😢

  • 5w ago priscilagermanoo priscilagermanoo


  • 5w ago andre.rompre.ve2abk andre.rompre.ve2abk

    - Wow! Nothing like PASSION in life! Évangeline, Thanks for sharing! "Life is beautiful". All the BEST!

  • 5w ago pipe.aranz pipe.aranz

    The best!

  • 5w ago brainyco_ brainyco_


  • 5w ago sean_malafronte_elmont85 sean_malafronte_elmont85

    @evangelinelillyofficial people also can't afford to get to Atlanta to be in these films like they can..Good he is doing what he is doing for kids down there..Along with athletics I play help out at refuge of hope for homeless and would like to get to Atlanta to be in these films..If they film up in Cleveland that would be great..There studios in Atlanta tho..Hope to get there soon and after give back athletically and in these films to show kids you have to believe in yourself when no one else does

  • 5w ago mihribanaydn1996 mihribanaydn1996

    @evangelinelillyofficial I love you 💋💋❤❤❤

  • 5w ago marvelthorhulk marvelthorhulk

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  • 5w ago marvelthorhulk marvelthorhulk


  • 5w ago ati.sdg.1991 ati.sdg.1991


  • 5w ago hocus_pocus_jam hocus_pocus_jam


  • 5w ago tinustjampoer tinustjampoer

    How awesome is this @evangelinelillyofficial, i love it when people wanna help others for free and don't want anything in return! Especially where they are passionate about! I always regret i didn't follow my dream about acting...

  • 5w ago bellaaosolhosdedeus bellaaosolhosdedeus

    Linda!!! God bless u and your family

  • 5w ago kristvoiles kristvoiles

    This is just plain cool. And good on you for speaking to his students as well. The students will be in awe. So fun!

  • 5w ago louisew333 louisew333

    This is amazing! 💕 I'm a GA native so this truly touches my soul to hear someone near my home doing good work!

  • 5w ago guardian_sabrewolf guardian_sabrewolf

    Nothing more I would love to do than to create a feature film. To create a story that could be remembered and shown to love. With millions wanting the same. It would be hard to sound original without doing too much to cause confusion or bad reviews

  • 5w ago guardian_sabrewolf guardian_sabrewolf

    Films are an artwork to captivate the audience and keeping that interest firm.

  • 5w ago paguban paguban

    This is amazing! There's no doubt that there still good people out there!

  • 5w ago amanda_grey85 amanda_grey85

    I can’t afford it either, but I’ve been accepted so I’ll find a way! 😉

  • 5w ago landing2001 landing2001

    I wished he was closer. My 14 year old daughter wants to act but it's hard when you struggle financially.

  • 5w ago majid_dalili majid_dalili

    The film "little evil" was very good. And your role in that movie was great. Your movies are all great.😎😎😎

  • 5w ago clancy.pete clancy.pete

    People like @wyattbelton are tuned into the rewarding frequencies. I feel you bro. @evangelinelillyofficial you should be honoured to play a part in his experience. Well done.

  • 5w ago m.rivera93 m.rivera93


  • 5w ago joey_2_cakes joey_2_cakes


  • 5w ago sarahg_m sarahg_m

    Awesome, wish we had something like that here for the low income bracket!!! My daughter wants to either be in Theater/movies or else be in the film orchestras that do the movie soundtracks. She is a junior in High School and on the honir roll!

  • 4w ago jasonrobertgentry1978 jasonrobertgentry1978

    Gosh I didn’t think I could fall in love with you anymore. I swear I’m that dude in the Hobbit who loved you more than anything!!!

  • 4w ago sarabyerz sarabyerz

  • 4w ago el.fandomfili el.fandomfili


  • 4w ago justingabrielmp justingabrielmp


  • 4w ago amwilsons amwilsons

    Wish they had one of those programs here in Michigan! But alas, I think it's for the best for me anyway.

  • 3w ago noemidaliaa noemidaliaa

    Don't forget me

  • 2w ago inspired.kids inspired.kids

    This is what real life super heroes look. To the kids you reach...#superheroes exist in real life.

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