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What’s harder, starting from scratch or starting a new programme? After today, either would be applicable. The Spartan Race prep work this year has taken it out of me and and forced me down a direction I wasn’t originally planning to go down this year. So getting back into a building size programme is a shock to the system. Muscles learning to lift again, balance having to be found and learning to push through the burn and listening to your inner self to force the changes through - and finding your lungs after a hard set too doesn’t help! Would I have done anything different this year? Absolutely not. Spartan has been a brilliant experience and now it’s the season for growth and development, 💪🏼💪🏼 2018 will see me complete my second Trifecta- and I can’t wait 😁 #spartanrace #spartanraceuk #aroo #zm #zieglermonster #bodybuildingcom #ashbygym #ashbyfitness #isymfs #jymarmy #jymarmystrong #bassplayerswholift #liftheavystayhappy #beastgearuk #ocr #fitfam #trifecta


  • 44w ago goodphat goodphat

    keep going. its always refreshing for the body to switch it up xx

  • 44w ago ade792 ade792

    Putting this bloody Ikea furniture together does my head in

  • 43w ago audifresno audifresno

    Awesome 👍 @nicf42

  • 43w ago nicf42 nicf42

    @odellconrad who said I was feel no sorry for myself! Totally the opposite pumpkin 😉😉

  • 42w ago nicf42 nicf42

    @odellconrad if i modelled myself on you, I’d be a skinny runt who sits in the sun and plays with seamen all day long!!


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