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Yesterday, @Gucci committed to going fur-free.
Around the world, tens of millions of animals are still farmed and killed for their fur each year. Animals spend their lives in cages, injuries go untreated, siblings live on the bodies of dead cage mates. Having brands like Gucci use their platform to advocate for these animals is an incredible step forward.
We Animals images have been used in fur-free campaigns around the globe. To help us keep telling these animals' stories, become a We Animals supporter today: link in bio.

Congratulations to Italian animal protection group LAV, @hsiglobal, and all of the other groups that made this victory possible!

Mink. Canada, 2014.

Jo-Anne McArthur/#MakeFurHistory


  • 48w ago etherealgirl7 etherealgirl7

    Some good news at last!!! More more please

  • 48w ago _lavida_ _lavida_

    Now we need them to stop using animals for leather goods.

  • 48w ago joannedeliamarieb joannedeliamarieb

    May this lead to many more victories! and yes, leather and suede no more!!

  • 48w ago veggieromandie veggieromandie

    Great new!

  • 48w ago jrose_2019 jrose_2019

    Do people realize that companies can still put faux fur on the label even if it isnt, if the item costs less than 150 dollars? that's across the board too. This seems like a step in the right direction but never underestimate the power of profit to any corporation. Sad but true.

  • 48w ago mdparis19 mdparis19


  • 48w ago clairefae clairefae


  • 48w ago rolahoteit rolahoteit

    @clairefae that’s great news!

  • 48w ago foxever07 foxever07

    @veggieromandie 😃

  • 48w ago lindakuophoto lindakuophoto

    This is huge news, because it's such a big luxury brand. Hopefully the rest will follow suit. The irony is, that so much is invested in being "modern and cutting edge" however, as Stella McCartney said, "fur is not modern." In this technologically advanced age, it's anything but progressive.

  • 48w ago suzannejpender suzannejpender

    Thank you @Gucci , @hsiglobal , and LAV!

  • 48w ago mamtooswag mamtooswag

    No words to thank you, this means everything @Gucci ❤️

  • 48w ago jacobitomayo jacobitomayo


  • 48w ago thestrozyks thestrozyks

    Thank you, @gucci Now please quit using leather! ❤️

  • 48w ago gregwostrel_creates gregwostrel_creates

    Oh my God, that is the most amazing news!

  • 48w ago eisforerin85 eisforerin85

    @sh3p25 hey mate! As discussed!

  • 48w ago treehugger2015 treehugger2015

    @gucci Awesome choice to stop using fur!!! Thank you!

  • 48w ago _ani_t_a_ _ani_t_a_

    That picture says a thousand words. Thankyou for the work you do. Go gucci!!


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