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  • 18w ago anniebertramphoto anniebertramphoto

    Sad world

  • 18w ago mybluehope mybluehope

    indeed. sad sad world

  • 18w ago aeoux aeoux

    True, very true.

  • 18w ago jnpierstein jnpierstein

    Obama bombed innocent people all over the world and supported cruel dictatorships, I don't see any post against that...

  • 18w ago chavaici chavaici

    Please. Get as political as you want in your next album.

  • 18w ago kondo87 kondo87

    Not true Brian! Please don’t mix politics and your amazing music together. You’d be surprised at how divers your follows are. Just to make another comment, the France deal not being signed won’t be implemented for quite sometime... the list goes on.... follower since 2005 from SoCal 👍🏼

  • 18w ago mybluehope mybluehope

    the point that i feel is missed is Trump is another symptom, NOT the cause.

  • 18w ago danielle_molko danielle_molko

    Great post...I was effected by this....my grandma's house was almost toasted and my family had to drive near beach area's because of ash blowing in the air and the sky's were grey and brown so we couldn't breathe .....it was a very scary and I felt like a helpless sack of sh**.....jk...not really ....anyway this is real life and we're all going to be affected in some way eventually......acknowledgement is like a lovely hug.....especially from someone like you.....thank you💋

  • 18w ago ladanyperry ladanyperry

    Ops...side coincidences....🤔

  • 18w ago kim_egberink kim_egberink


  • 18w ago tzipor336 tzipor336

    Agreed!👏 😠

  • 18w ago maudlarosa23 maudlarosa23

    Tout à fait ça!!

  • 18w ago angeldevilsoul angeldevilsoul

    @placeboworld c'est vrai mais j'aurais apprécié que vous publiez la même chose sur Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan etc..., les dirigeants chinois et tous ceux qui détruisent la planète depuis des années

  • 18w ago d_pendragon d_pendragon

    @jnpierstein and gave billions to Iran

  • 18w ago d_pendragon d_pendragon

    @itwontletmeputtherebettername i agree lefters live in bubbles imo

  • 18w ago d_pendragon d_pendragon

    @mag.danceforever shame on you

  • 18w ago d_pendragon d_pendragon

    @sergiodammit wow really don't understand how you guys think

  • 18w ago d_pendragon d_pendragon

    @eithneroman ridiculous

  • 18w ago d_pendragon d_pendragon

    I would have Harvey Weinstein pic there not trump 🐸☕️ truth

  • 18w ago collinmacrey collinmacrey

    @eithneroman aime le au lieu de le détester ! De la haine je pense qu’il en a assez de l’amour sûrement pas assez ...

  • 18w ago taniatanaya taniatanaya

    They don't care about us!!

  • 18w ago idakail idakail


  • 18w ago mag.danceforever mag.danceforever

    @d_pendragon hahaha... it's just a joke dude☺️

  • 18w ago ed_picture ed_picture


  • 18w ago placebokarl placebokarl


  • 18w ago gina_tinoco gina_tinoco


  • 18w ago arya_mathers arya_mathers

    Trump is a joke 🙈😂

  • 18w ago marcheline_a marcheline_a

    Public service announcement all the people who always post some negative shit here and always questioning Brian and his criticism on Trump and politics..Placebo released the song „Trigger Happy Hands“ in 2010. So stop bugging Brian, once and for all!!! Get a life!

  • 18w ago piaffeequestrianservices piaffeequestrianservices

    Awesome diversity of opinions. You know why Brian (or whoever is behind this) and you can post your comments? Because you live in a free world! If you don't care about free world but only care about your selfish needs, then I understand why you like Trump and fight for him.

  • 17w ago peterhignett peterhignett

    @chavaici Yes! Totally agree!

  • 17w ago cherooona cherooona

    @placeboworld 🙌🏽

  • 9w ago miguel.garcia25 miguel.garcia25


  • 8w ago felicidadevenha felicidadevenha

    Can't blame all the worlds problems on one guy. These things happen regardless of who is in "power".

  • 8w ago felicidadevenha felicidadevenha

    @danielle_molko .. Glad you are ok. Too bad people can't understand why this is really happening in Cali. They just want to blame potus. Like it matters which freak is president. All the candidates for my entire adult life are of questionable character. I think you have to be to want to be a politician.

  • 8w ago felicidadevenha felicidadevenha

    @sergiodammit .. Well, we survived eight brutal years of Obamnation. I think we'll be ok. People overreact to EVERYTHING nowadays.

  • 7w ago ipromote_1 ipromote_1

    Outstanding one!

  • 4w ago y.jarvis y.jarvis

    It doesn't matter what bad shit happens people seem to think Trump is to blame. Even if he found a cure to cancer and stopped world pollution, he would still be blamed for putting oncologists and scientists out of work and then some.

  • 4w ago y.jarvis y.jarvis

    @itwontletmeputtherebettername I am so fed up with the stupid memes that people think must be true because it was posted.

  • 4w ago y.jarvis y.jarvis

    @sergiodammit you really are an alarmist.

  • 4w ago y.jarvis y.jarvis

    I thought u were a musician? Politics are a great way to alienate some of your fans who don't agree with u. I didn't come here for Trump bashing ffs, I'm not interested in that bullshit. St

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