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More than ever we realize it's not only important to empower our girls to be feminists but also to raise our boys as feminists that will stand up for equality. Well rounded team member @alexisbaradcutler tells us 4 things a parent can do to raise feminist boys (in link in profile). Here's a sneak: "Allow them to play outside of proscribed gender roles if they feel like it. For children to reach their full potential, they need to be given the opportunity to do what they love. So let them. Keep in mind, too, that children are not born with any toy or activity preferences, and researchers have found that gender-centric differences emerge in toddlerhood, right around the time that kids become aware of their gender, which is also when societal expectations can end up trumping their innate interests." -@alexisbaradcutler #feminist #feminism #feministboys #parenting #boymom #boymomlife #parenthood #motherhood #momsofinstagram #momsofig



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