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Prayer is Love in Action. Please join Saul David Raye, Seane Corn, Kia Miller, Bob Wisdom and I will be there (coming home the night before) as we come together for Puerto Rico and also our friends in No Cal/So Cal fire. Love all ways. Hostedby MANDALA Oct 14th 1pm tickets: #pranavinyasa


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    Grateful to have you back with us Shivaji ❤️ if folks want to register please visit or Also we are supporting the Maria fund through the center for popular democracy. You can check it out online and see the amazing work they are doing at the grassroots level to get money supplies to the people. And also money can be sent donation to info and we will make sure all funds that come in for Puerto Rico will be donated to the Maria fund. There is enough for all. Care and Share. Blessings.

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    Thank you

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    Gracias @shivarea108 🙏🏽💕

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    As a puertorican I have to say thanks!

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