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Instagram post by @djpaulkom DJ Paul K.O.M. Three 6 Mafia

#Slumfest Was Lit!!! Wassup @grizz_705_slade Giving Me A #DrunkHug πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My Brother @phil2008 In Da Back! Check Out The #Slumerican Flagship Store In #Nashville !!! @yelawolf


  • 14w ago youknowbt youknowbt


  • 14w ago itownking83 itownking83

    Link in my bio support and share @djpaulkom

  • 14w ago silkcity_team6 silkcity_team6

    @djpaulkom I got a southern artist that live in jersey wit me. He really dope. We not out here looking for hand outs or neither are we opportunist but I know for a fact you'll like him. If u got a email I send u some work. He produces and writes his own music. Promise to not abuse ya time but if u can just hear a few joints or not I'm still grate ful we are big fans of the 3-6

  • 14w ago gtownvega_ gtownvega_

    Ayyy bro can u dm me i need help with some paper work big time I got some big tings in motion my g and I want to secure datπŸ’°

  • 14w ago davalon_dc_chapman davalon_dc_chapman

    @djpaulkom...that's Phil D from Chi-towm??...#ShrimpAndGrits

  • 14w ago cuzz_lytyear cuzz_lytyear

    Tri Tri Tri TRIPLE 6IX

  • 14w ago grizz_705_slade grizz_705_slade

    FuuuhhhggggYehhhh! Good Times Bud. Hope You Made Er Home Safe. See Ya Before Too Long! @djpaulkom ⚑☠️

  • 14w ago flyguydiddy36 flyguydiddy36

    That vest hard tho!!

  • 14w ago durand_kaps durand_kaps


  • 14w ago djpaulkom djpaulkom

    @flyguydiddy36 Yea bro!!!

  • 14w ago djpaulkom djpaulkom

    @grizz_705_slade Hell Yeah!!! Hope u did Aswell bro!!! See u soon!!!! ⚑️⚑️⚑️⚑️

  • 14w ago djpaulkom djpaulkom

    @davalonchapman Naw

  • 14w ago chief.jay89 chief.jay89

    I bet Phil D kool as cheese! #M4L

  • 14w ago alexanderjfell alexanderjfell

    whered u get the vest?

  • 14w ago semajtheslum semajtheslum

    Please don’t start spittin no politics cause that shit is corny as fuck. You’d think he has a new cd coming out or something. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • 14w ago unclepurp unclepurp

    Is it big Phil from the intro to still gettn my d sucked? Vol. 16 trck 2?

  • 13w ago djpaulkom djpaulkom

    @unclepurp yea

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