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@susiebubble on her first Miu Miu experienceโ€ฆ .
โ€œThe first Miu Miu thing I ever bought was a collaboration with @thepopmag, which was then edited by @kegrand. It was a pair of hot fuchsia pink platforms with black gemstones on the front. I saved up all of my waitressing money just to buy them on sale because I definitely couldn't afford them full price.
The first show I ever saw was SS11, the one with all the Art Nouveau flowers and stars. It was a really exciting show because the set was very unusual, it was all very dark with lots of corridors, really intriguing. I believe it was a night show so it made it more exciting.
Obviously, I idolised going to a Miu Miu show and back then - for me anyway - tickets were hard to come by, so it was super exciting!โ€
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