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Greetings from #Madrid #Spain!
Thanks to Ramiro for the pic.
#europeanbrotherhood #support52 #defendeurope


  • 32w ago irenekaos irenekaos

    Our real flag! 👌🏻

  • 32w ago 99conde 99conde

    dios!! @ramirocortina82

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  • 32w ago rhenan.muller rhenan.muller


  • 32w ago josiitoo_crazy josiitoo_crazy

  • 32w ago ramirocortina82 ramirocortina82


  • 32w ago juanjoforonda juanjoforonda

    Oleee!!! viva el imperio español!!

  • 32w ago kaiserdariusz kaiserdariusz

    Visca catalunya lliure

  • 32w ago chapun_ chapun_

    @kaiserdariusz libre de gentuza como vosotros independentistas

  • 32w ago kaiserdariusz kaiserdariusz

    @chapun_ sorry, I'm Venetian, I don't understand... can you repeat ?

  • 32w ago imanmohaajer imanmohaajer

  • 32w ago atia.evropa atia.evropa

    @kaiserdariusz you have no say on this. And separatists are mostly left wing and all of them (even the liberals) want to have muslims there so they can vote for them. It soon will be a caliphate thanks to people like you who know nothing but dare to talk.

  • 32w ago atia.evropa atia.evropa

    @kaiserdariusz fuck off

  • 32w ago kaiserdariusz kaiserdariusz

    @atia.evropa no no no, wrong way bro... I live in the north east of italy, a country called "Veneto" the ancient "Serenissima Republic of Venice" (search on google if you don't know history) and here, independents movements are all right movements... we hate islam and free invasions by africans 💪💪💪💪 only in catalunya, independence is left wing... we want only freedom, why we should be assholes ? 😡😡 I like for an europe of people free from regimes, not like this euro-dictatur. European union destroied italian economy !!!!

  • 32w ago atia.evropa atia.evropa

    @kaiserdariusz I'm talking about the Catalonian one, not about Venice. In Spain separatism is left wing and they want to stay in the EU if possible and the mayor of Barcelona who is also a separatist welcomed muslims this year and the last one and is following Merkel's policies. That's why I tell you to be careful with who you support. I don't have a problem with you because it's your issue, but don't mess up things, just don't.

  • 32w ago kaiserdariusz kaiserdariusz

    I'm for freedom of catalans people, not for left's shit... 👍

  • 31w ago ilian14hh ilian14hh

    Defend Europe!!

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