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I grew up in a time when it came to stress, depression, anxiety or anything related to mental health the advice given was “man up,” “stay strong”, “put your head down and keep pushing” or “it’s weakness, don’t show it.” It’s actually not weak, I believe the stronger person is able to share these emotions and seek help. Life can be challenging and sometimes we just need a relatable voice, a friend that can listen without judgement. Now is the only time we have, Now is the best time to start, go ask a friend, call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while, ask them how they’re doing, and without judgement, listen and ask questions. It’s never too late to start, all the time we have is Now. #NationalMentalHealthDay


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    Mine was "Suck it up Buttercup!!" Part of the human experience is the multitude of emotions that come with it. It definitely takes strength and courage to face and process them all!

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    This is good. ❤️

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    I told my sons that while they shouldn't make it a habit to whine, cry and mope it is ok to cry sometimes. If men were not supposed to cry they wouldn't have been created with the ability to do so. Stuff happens... the loss of a loved one, job security worries...etc

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    💥 💥 💥

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