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Happy Monday, ya little Kit Kats. It's been a while because I've been, ya know, yatching and eating bon bons and other things that stay-at-home moms like to do. It's been keeping me pretty busy, picking out all my nautical costumes and then lying around in them so I didn't really have time to post. But now I've hired someone to help me with all that (she has three toddlers so I felt like she was qualified) so I can occasionally hop on and say "Bon Voyage!", which is yatch speak for "If you lick your sister one more time I'm going to do something really, really serious, even though I have no idea what that might be." BON VOYAGE! // On a side note: I look seriously preggers in the photo, which goes to show you 1. angles are everything and 2. I need to seriously watch my bon bon intake. πŸ˜‚ BON VOYAGE!



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