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    Wow 😮

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    Sometimes you have to use their own weapons against them. Seeded watermelons have some of the most beneficial properties of any other fruit!! Watermelons are extremely healthy & these Demons know it. THEY won't deter me from eating what's going to keep me looking younger & healthier! Watermelons are high ah anyway so he can pay for em' from now on.....

  • 49w ago brown_suga11 brown_suga11

    What happened? What did he bring?

  • 49w ago souffdallas souffdallas

    @brown_suga11 read the post.....

  • 49w ago shortguyjoe shortguyjoe

    They (bigots) think it's their time again.

  • 49w ago mentacide1 mentacide1

    Watermelon is full of vitamin A, Now this dudes intent I don’t know, yet if one is into eating healthy one wud be a fool not to eat watermelon because of the System Of Whitesupremacy/Racism

  • 49w ago sweet_p._jones sweet_p._jones

    He worse than Craig, craig got fired on his day off.He got fired before he even started.

  • 49w ago shawn_is_darkstarr2 shawn_is_darkstarr2

    @brown_suga11 A watermelon wrapped up in bow.

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    @brown_suga11 I think you need to update Instagram 😂

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    Thats so lame that they got offended, so touchy cry babies.... im irish and if someone gave me a a bottle of Guinness as a gift id laugh and then pound that shit.

  • 49w ago brown_suga11 brown_suga11

    @blvck.xcellence I think it was messed up

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    @brown_suga11 there’s more than one image. Swipe left

  • 49w ago brown_suga11 brown_suga11

    @deviniskool *shrugs , perhaps .... I don’t know how I couldn’t see it

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    Who the fuck brings a water melon as a gift? Iv never even broguth a gift for being hired lol

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    Aww he probably meant nothing by it idk dang!

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    The pink bow was over the top. @dinap_2

  • 49w ago summershades summershades

    Fuck. People are getting offended over free fucking food. Stfu. #firstworldproblems


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