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Can’t believe we got 2 bears down this weekend. Bear hunting is crazy hard. Before this trip I had never even seen a bear. What a weekend. #hunt_az #predatorhunting #bearhunting #huntformore

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  • 61w ago sheenacook11 sheenacook11

    Bear hunting is crazy hard!!

  • 61w ago malgal91 malgal91

    Holy smokes! The 3rd photo really puts this beast into perspective

  • 61w ago kuech kuech

    @malgal91 that was the small bear!

  • 61w ago kuech kuech

    @sheenacook11 no joke. Head first into the gnarliest canyon we could find. Skinned and quartered her out on a 45° slope. Took 4 hours to pack out less than a mile. Maybe next bear hunt I’ll bring some ropes and harnesses haha.

  • 61w ago g273az g273az

    Very nice! 👍🏽

  • 61w ago jcordera07 jcordera07

    That Jeremy? I used to ride bikes with that guy

  • 61w ago kuech kuech

    @parmejohn07 ol Jerbear himself. We hunt all over AZ together.

  • 61w ago huntac_gear huntac_gear


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