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Instagram post by @paulettegigante PauletteGigante

At any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth or to step back into safety . ~Abraham Maslow •

You ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something ? I've heard the same idea expressed in a few different ways quite a few times this week ... And that is that you should always say YES . Let me explain .
How many times in your life did you want to say no because you felt you couldn't carry out the task ? Either it was too hard , not enough time , you'd mess something up , you wouldn't get the response you'd like ... you'd be unsuccessful .. whatever the reason is .. you said no .
There is nothing braver than the moment you feel you want to say no .. but you say YES instead . I find that every time i am brave enough .. life shows me I was capable enough all along . It was just a matter of making that switch in my head and taking that step . I ALWAYS wound up figuring it out along the way. If you're up against something you don't know if you want to tackle because of the negativity in your head or you're listening too much to what those around you say .. SAY YES. Take a risk and Jump in . The reward is far greater than anything you're used too ✨

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  • 15w ago paulettegigante paulettegigante

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  • 15w ago jaimepetersonfitness jaimepetersonfitness

    Sometimes you just gotta jump 🙌🏻🤗

  • 15w ago fitmamatee fitmamatee

    Having faith in your own judgement and As I always say...go with your gut- it never lies. Love this pic of you and love the quote!! 💞

  • 15w ago wodtographer wodtographer


  • 15w ago paulettegigante paulettegigante

    @jaimepetersonfitness yes !! 🙌🏼

  • 15w ago paulettegigante paulettegigante

    @fitmamatee most definitely Tina 👌🏼 and Thankyou 😘

  • 15w ago paulettegigante paulettegigante

    @wodtographer 🙌🏼❤️

  • 14w ago nicmillertraining nicmillertraining

    Killin those double unders!

  • 14w ago fearlisspro fearlisspro

    You know ...it's interesting how every truth is almost always true in the opposite case as well. As much as I love this and often promote this attitude...how critical it has become to learn to say no as well. I don't mean simply in a relational sense but also - to say yes to many things until we are spread so thin that we don't do any one of those things well anymore. To know when to say no so that you can devote more focus to something that is more important at the moment. I feel that people get anxious about the pressure to say yes and be open even if the moment calls for limitations in order to thrive. Just something I'm thinking about 😘🙏🏻✨

  • 14w ago paulettegigante paulettegigante

    @fearlisspro I totally get what you mean here Faith .. I was more referring to the yes that people don't say because of fear .. or doubt ... or negativity .. I tend to be a people pleaser .. it's hard for me to say no a lot of times .. and knowing when to say it is just as important 🙌🏼to preserve your own space or time ..and however much of it you need ... but the post was more about being a risk taker .. and not allowing fear to muddle the possibility of growth or expansion in your life ❤️Thankyou for your thoughts 🙏🏼😌✨

  • 14w ago adaywithrene adaywithrene

    Put in work! #EmazingMeals....

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