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Baker is obviously soaking up the last few hrs of the weekend...missing my fur babies!! 🐶


  • 49w ago kaylynn.cunningham kaylynn.cunningham

    hi babygirl 😘

  • 49w ago sofia.collina sofia.collina

    You’re a huge inspiration. I’ve been With you through all the ups and downs and I’m very proud of you. I absolutely love your album love remains it is help me gone through so much I love you your incredible If I haven’t said this already I am not a stocker in anyway shape or form. I always look up to you and always have and always will. I would absolutely love to meet you someday you’re my inspiration my role model and I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re so pretty and an amazing singer! I call you the country Adele

  • 49w ago billyhawn billyhawn

    Baker!!!! 🙌🏻💥

  • 49w ago vdwelle vdwelle

    I also miss my big fur baby (a German Shepherd) when i'm away from home. 😳😉

  • 49w ago rideordielifestyle rideordielifestyle


  • 49w ago ohio0307 ohio0307

    Aww!!! She's Soo cute Hills. ☺😊❤🐶

  • 49w ago parker1184 parker1184

    The dog looks so adorable.😂

  • 49w ago taylormorrow3501 taylormorrow3501

    Baker is so cute @hillaryscottla

  • 49w ago michellegray1731 michellegray1731

    You were so incredible in Glasgow last night @hillaryscottla your fur babies must miss your beautiful singing too!!

  • 49w ago braun5181 braun5181

    Baker is so pretty

  • 49w ago katecopperman katecopperman

    so cute 😻

  • 49w ago ballard2889 ballard2889

    Aww!! So precious

  • 49w ago michaelswartz22 michaelswartz22

    What a goof🐕🐕🐕🐕

  • 49w ago angel_lockett angel_lockett

    Awe so cute!

  • 49w ago ledbetter.jamie ledbetter.jamie


  • 49w ago beggphil beggphil

    Standing outside at the back of the arena in Birmingham listening to sound check. Sounds like we're in for a treat tonight #antebellum

  • 49w ago cwelch73 cwelch73

    So adorable!!

  • 49w ago ducks_guy ducks_guy

    Baker and Hobbs best duo ever.

  • 49w ago tin8755 tin8755

    Your dog is cute

  • 47w ago goldharps goldharps

    Lovely dog


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