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Somewhere in August I was sitting in my car & I heard God ask clearly ... "are you not going to do what I've given provision to accomplish before this year is out " ? I immediately grabbed my notebook and started planning ... not too many days after because I had to remind my flesh that he's to remain silent & that the Lord has made for this to be so ... I called my Bishop & told him what I felt the impression to do ... he without hesitation said yes to me hosting it at our church ... but a few days later he proposed us doing as apart of our Churches 17th year anniversary ... LIKE WHO DOES THAT ? πŸ˜‚. ☝🏽. From before and after that moment this guy ensured that in every way shape & form that he was a blessing to the effectiveness and success of #CBLive2017 .
Bishop you don't understand how much I appreciate you . Man you have been nothing but a blessing to me as a young man , my ministry as a young leader & our church as a whole ! I cannot say thank you enough for EVERYTHING YOU DID & CONTINUE TO DO ! I know Clergy appreciation month is about 2 days past gone now , but I've extended it ... BECAUSE YOU ARE THE MAN ! I love you @bishopbobbyperry , thank you again and forever ✊🏽 #KingdomStrong



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