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🚨⛪️ To the in house support from my church thank you ! At @kingdombuilders_ we gets the job done ... and I thank you ladies for getting the Job done ! From the bottom of my heart ... THANK YOU !! To every individual that was on staff that I didn't recognize by name , you know I love you and appreciate you!
AND TO DEACON CHAD ! MAN YOU ARE MY UNCLE FORREAL , you lectured like my uncle , you fussed like my uncle , you laughed and joked like my uncle , you scared the staff like my uncle & most of all every time , you came thru like my uncle and I love you for that man ! #KingdomStrong #CBLive2017

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  • 57w ago tcrichlow tcrichlow

    ❤️ We love you Chris!!! Now go out and BE GREAT! 💕

  • 57w ago taishacrayton taishacrayton

    Love you Chris from the day you walked in our dad’s church with that COGIC green 3piece suit on and sang down the house. Lol! You have the Oil & the Favor! Go with God! 🙌🏽 💙💙

  • 57w ago kingdombuilders_ kingdombuilders_

    ❤ always!

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