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  • 41w ago pedaller pedaller

    One dangerous obstruction expertly negotiated 😉🤣 @dozzina

  • 41w ago d2dinners d2dinners

    Just had my one week annual trip to your neck of the woods. Rode the most amazing rode up from Talybont, past the reservoir and up the toughest climb towards Beaufort. Ridden it? Super steep beast.....

  • 41w ago dozzina dozzina

    @d2dinners Give us a nudge next time your over and I’ll see if I’m around on the 🚲I’ll check out strava now

  • 41w ago dozzina dozzina

    @d2dinners Some great roads around Crickhowell/Abergavenny etc I’ve done that 20% beast in the summer, although I was on a motorbike!


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