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One year ago almost to the day i had my very first encounter with the ice and penguins of Antarctica. Tomorrow I will be back! Can’t wait to see it, smell it, and feel it again. This picture is from our very first successful landing last season. #msmidnatsol #antarctica #cuverville #iceberg #landscape


  • 40w ago ever.exploring ever.exploring

    Amazing shot

  • 40w ago annekin_skytalker annekin_skytalker

    That was a beautiful day. How was the weather so far, any big storms?

  • 40w ago dalboyne dalboyne

    How wonderful! And I'm envious, I want to go back too! ☺️. Were you on the cruise that met up with MS Fram at Deception Island? I was on the Fram

  • 40w ago eac_sailor eac_sailor

    I Enjoyed the cruise so much

  • 39w ago fotografkalvig fotografkalvig

    @annekin_skytalker We did have one storm on the way from the Falklands. Not as bad as the one we had, but still enough to hand out storm certificates.

  • 39w ago fotografkalvig fotografkalvig

    @ever.exploring Thank you 😃

  • 39w ago fotografkalvig fotografkalvig

    @dalboyne Thank you. Yes i was. I have some cool pictures of both ships.

  • 39w ago annekin_skytalker annekin_skytalker

    @fotografkalvig I don't remember any storm certificates being given to us 😉, and we had three storms... But I'm glad you had a smoother ride this time around, I hope it stays this way.


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