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😍 Two years down and I can’t wait for 100 more! Happy Anniversary to the sweetest guy I’m lucky enough to call mine ☺️ ...Oh and thanks for making me laugh till I cry on a regular basis 🤓 I love you!!


  • 45w ago butcoffeefirst.laa butcoffeefirst.laa

    Cuties!! 💞. When I’m well, we’ll have to have dinner!!! ❤️❤️❤️.

  • 45w ago pennyfristrom pennyfristrom

    Aww, such a cute couple!❤️

  • 45w ago haleysbv haleysbv

    @butcoffeefirst.laa sounds like a plan!

  • 45w ago nblond_13b nblond_13b

    You are the best thing to ever happen to me honey. I love you!😘

  • 45w ago lizzybeth37 lizzybeth37

    Glad to hear you found such loyal friendship in each other, wishing you all the very best for the future👏💕👍

  • 45w ago loveleighs loveleighs

    Happy anniversary!

  • 45w ago jessie_waugh_ jessie_waugh_

    Fancy pants couple over here 🙄😉 Happy anniversary! ❤️

  • 45w ago girl4family girl4family

    Happy anniversary! ❤

  • 45w ago greyjoonbug greyjoonbug

    Aww...look at the cuteness ☺️💗


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