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So sad and frustrating that we have to continue to see people's lives taken by gun violence. Sending love and condolences to those in vegas. 💔 #regram @refinery29


  • 50w ago michelleandbrookeshop michelleandbrookeshop

    It’s very sad. But gun control will not stop anyone from getting one that is determined to. That seems like the logical solution but trust me it’s not.

  • 50w ago llaurabell llaurabell

    He also used guns that were already illegal...which proves gun control doesn't work. These are criminals who have no regard for the law to begin with. Why can't you just stick to pregnancy, family, etc.? #unfollow

  • 50w ago candy12151 candy12151

    That's like saying why have other laws, people still murder people and do drugs right? It's about making it harder, yea it will still happen but if it happens 50% less that's still a step in the right direction.

  • 50w ago marissao717 marissao717

    @candy12151 some might believe that drug laws have actually created more crime. Just like during abolition, organized crime was born. When something is made illegal the criminals always have the supply, and they also control it. Do we really want that with guns?! Also, unconstitutional.

  • 50w ago marissao717 marissao717

    @llaurabell absolutely. Unfollowing.

  • 50w ago mallory.ferland mallory.ferland

    So if gun control would have zero affect on our mass shooting problem, then what is implied is that America has a monopoly on psycopaths, because numbers dont lie. Must be something in our water then.

  • 50w ago jnharrison88 jnharrison88

    Dang unfollow as well. Bummer!

  • 50w ago tyreeewell tyreeewell

    @llaurabell ditto

  • 50w ago candy12151 candy12151

    @marissao717 ok make no laws on drugs and see how that turns out. Weed is legal in some states and it hasn't made it's use any less. I've had family members move to those states for it. If you want statistics though the US compared to countries with gun control, the US has more mass shootings and gun related deaths

  • 50w ago steadyhappy steadyhappy

    Yes!! This statement supports everything you do: family, pregnancy, birth, and life!! 🌈❤️💓💖🌱 Thank you!!

  • 50w ago valerieshaw06 valerieshaw06

    No gun control is not the answer! We need people to be responsible!

  • 50w ago thrivehivewellness thrivehivewellness

    A fricken men!!!

  • 50w ago kaitywk kaitywk

    People are unfollowing because of this post? Good riddance. Unreal how offended people get at the mere mention of gun control.

  • 50w ago marlenalove marlenalove


  • 50w ago mrs.humperdink mrs.humperdink

    Except that the gun he used is already illegal.

  • 50w ago mrs.humperdink mrs.humperdink

    @candy12151 it was already illegal for the shooter to have a fully automatic weapon. Another law wouldn't do anything.

  • 50w ago michele8604 michele8604

    Here we go again... Unfollowed.

  • 50w ago boibie boibie

    Following and sharing !

  • 50w ago candy12151 candy12151

    @mrs.humperdink my point is people don't want to do anything nothing will ever change. Another law could make it harder. The UK has gun control laws and it's merely impossible to get a gun there. I don't know what the exact answer is I just don't understand how people are so against making a change.

  • 50w ago kyraofthesun kyraofthesun

    Criminals don’t follow the laws

  • 50w ago kyraofthesun kyraofthesun

    We need more money invested in mental health. Cain killed Abel with a rock. It’s a heart problem.

  • 50w ago ergobaby ergobaby


  • 50w ago kamilah33pbj kamilah33pbj

    @ergobaby 👎

  • 50w ago gilestuart gilestuart

    Gun control is not the answer. Violent criminals will always have ways to illegally get their hands on weapons

  • 50w ago mrs.humperdink mrs.humperdink

    @candy12151 the UK fudges their crime numbers. They only count a crime if they have a suspect. The unsolved crimes are not counted. It is possible.

  • 49w ago disciple_the_family disciple_the_family

    Was you used your platform to talk about gun control. Why can't you just mourn with those who've lost loved ones? #unfollowing

  • 49w ago disciple_the_family disciple_the_family


  • 49w ago endangered_species_superheroes endangered_species_superheroes

    Amen to that!

  • 49w ago julesandrubesanderi julesandrubesanderi

    Don't tout pro-life and "gun control is not the answer". You know not of what you speak. For hearts, mental wellbeing, you have to seek guns. For every broken hearted individual, a gun is not the answer. The answer is not to make it easier for a distraught individual to attain weapons; reversal of a law making it acceptable for those with known mental health conditions to legally attain firearms... btw, his weapons were legal, and they were semi automatic. If he were not allowed access to even such, yes of course he could kill with say.. a rock. Not nearly at that magnitude.

  • 49w ago gilestuart gilestuart

    @dannytrejosavedmylife Investigators Have yet to uncover any known history of mental illness on the Vegas shooter. And fyi, 38 out of 40 States do access medical records to assess mental health on their background checks for firearm purchase.

  • 49w ago julesandrubesanderi julesandrubesanderi

    @gilestuart mental health was in reference to all "gun control is not the answer" comments. Pertaining to it's not the gun, it's the person/heart/state of mind. Whether he had mental illness is irrelevant to the necessity of gun control. Nice to know 38 states access medical records, it's a good thing... still Trump signed legislation reversing the 7 year rule. FYI.

  • 48w ago houseofcalebf.d houseofcalebf.d

    What does every Genocide in history begin with "Gun Control"!!!! @wellroundednyc Its reassuring to see you all support Genocide... Native American's guns were taken away too & history shows that ended so well for them !!! They are still suffering...!!! & then there's the Armenian Genocide which began with " gun control" !!!! Plus its racist history in America the first gun laws were made in the South in order to keep Black American's from owning firearms!!!!! So you also support Racism!!!!! As well as all those writing on here with support through their own ignorance their own enslavement & the future enslavement of their progeny!!! In the Rwandain Genocide in 1995 most of the victims were killed using bats & machetes!!!!! Furthermore the Supreme Court ruled the police do not have to protect you!!!! So guess the Hell what people you are on your own!!!!! So when the rapist comes knocking what then???? When you here a noise like broken glass at 2 am what then??? When your in a dark parking garage & you hear foot steps in the distance behind you what then???????? Grow up people!!! Gun Control is Gun Confiscation & history not that far removed from our time now history that's very very well documented shows step by step where this fools path leads to totally unchecked tyrants, dictators, & Genocide of whomever the leaders damn well please!!!! You all really wanna keep walk down this fools road???? What a damn shame few men & women learn even though so many have suffered greatly yet you choose to remain ignorant of what their voices tell!!!! --- Fluoride is in Rat Poison yet that's known & still its put into public tap water & yet you all say nothing about the purposeful poisoning of millions of people not to mention its poisoning of rivers & wild life!!!! And what about the dangers of Nuclear Weapons!!!! I saw a PBS report on just how piss poor the US does maintenance on them & how those that handle them are not taught properly in order to do so safely!!! Get real!!!!

  • 48w ago houseofcalebf.d houseofcalebf.d

    Chicago has some of the toughest Gun Laws & it also Has the Most Gun Related Murders & Shooting!!!!! Oh, how can that be a thought laws ( pieces of paper ) protected people!!!!!!! Get real!!!!!!! @wellroundednyc.....


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