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This needs to stop now.


  • 41w ago rmarrone287 rmarrone287

    I totally agree with you

  • 41w ago amelienvaqueiro amelienvaqueiro

    Totally agree with you Dan! Guns are problem. ❤️ from France

  • 41w ago david_hurley david_hurley

    guns are not the problem

  • 41w ago case.wood case.wood

    Criminals who want guns are gonna get guns whether the laws are tighter or not

  • 41w ago vsanderson vsanderson

    @chuckiev1028 So whats your plan to protect us from those who get their guns illegally (as they have been doing also) so we aren't left unguarded?

  • 41w ago luvlifebilly luvlifebilly

    You were amazing before making this stand...... but now you have proven it! Thank you for standing up and using your voice for good. ♥️

  • 41w ago sucia13 sucia13

    @hello_mrstark yes! The UNITED STATES is the only developed country IN THE WORLD where mass shootings like this happen.

  • 41w ago freixo_xacovo freixo_xacovo

    Yes, this needs to stop now, stop selling guns to Democrats so they stop using them to massacre the rest of us.

  • 41w ago alicebeggs alicebeggs

    @vivpuli the only use a gun has is to kill. Cars and guns are not comparable.

  • 41w ago alicebeggs alicebeggs

    For the people who think guns are the problem, if he'd used a knife or other weapon there's no way he'd have been able to kill almost 60 people and injure over 400 by himself in such a short amount of time. There will still be bad people who get hold of guns, yes, but there won't be as many, and there won't be as many people who use them simply because they're easy to access. Just because people will break the law to get guns, doesn't mean they shouldn't exist. People break laws all the time, does this mean we should just make murder legal since people are gonna do it anyway? There's this idea that to stop a bad guy with a gun you need a good guy with a gun. Yes, and those people are the police, not normal, untrained people. Guns are the problem. In the US, the states that have more guns also have more gun deaths and the states that have stricter gun laws have fewer gun related deaths. Australia introduced their gun laws in 97 and haven't had a single fatal mass shooting since. Gun control works.

  • 41w ago lutherpaul lutherpaul

    EXACTLY!!!! When are the sensible people in America, the mothers of America, finally going to stand up to the NRA and say ENOUGH!!! The automatic rifles, assault rifles, WMD should ONLY be in the hands of the military. No one needs to own an assault rifle. The horrible people that own these weapons are either killers or future killers. Please, America, remove ALL politicians who support and are puppets of the NRA.

  • 41w ago lutherpaul lutherpaul

    @_xacovo__freixo__ You think mass murderers are Democrats? What a fool you are! Most are gun toting Republicans who are followers of the NRA. We call them nuts.

  • 41w ago lutherpaul lutherpaul

    @vivpuli I suppose you think a car can kill almost 60 people and injure over 500 in a short time. No, Idiot, that’s what assault rifles do. Hope you never have to experience a loved one gunned down by an automatic rifle.

  • 41w ago lutherpaul lutherpaul

    @volksfagen92 He bought the rifles legally

  • 41w ago lutherpaul lutherpaul

    @volksfagen92 He bought the rifles legally

  • 41w ago lutherpaul lutherpaul

    @volksfagen92 That’s the problem

  • 41w ago lutherpaul lutherpaul

    @volksfagen92 That’s the problem

  • 41w ago volksfagen92 volksfagen92

    @lutherpaul fully-automatic rifles are illegal to purchase unless you have specially-designated permission. Additionally, they’re tens of thousands of dollars because they’re antiques/collectors items. No fully automatic rifles manufactured after 1986 can be legally purchased by ordinary civilians. Additionally, the conversion of a semi-automatic rifle to a fully-automatic rifle is illegal. So if this was a fully-automatic rifle, then no, he did not purchase it legally. Also, I’d be interested to see your sources on your claim that he purchased this weapon legally.

  • 41w ago nicolasbunjamin nicolasbunjamin

    @elew6 I guess so. We have to care for the victims. However, I think @danelljleyva's move is important to make now. When you think about it, this post started a discussion that might be able to prevent another similar tragedy in the future. He's right. Gun issues is a huge problem in the US. Moreover, looking at statistics, tragedies like this happen very often in the country. By the time we stop mourning, another one happens. If we only mourn in a pacified way, the issue never gets properly discussed and we never get to resolve it.

  • 41w ago nciriaco nciriaco

    Indeed please share the expression many feel

  • 41w ago nciriaco nciriaco

    @danelljleyva thats the cover up for white crimes "mental health and depression, heck everyone goes thru that but we dont be shooting people randomly.

  • 41w ago nciriaco nciriaco

    @_kascayde_ thanks hun and my best wishes you find help to live a wonderful life as you deserve

  • 41w ago this_is_teresa this_is_teresa

    @blessedalfie you don't have one at all 💁🏽

  • 41w ago this_is_teresa this_is_teresa

    Gun laws need to change to keep the wrong kind of guns from getting to the wrong hands.. there is so much that can be done in order for all of us to be safe .... all of you vouching for them not to be change are just beyond ignorant... there is no reason for a civilian to own MILITARY GRADE guns .. self defense and safety?? Who's gonna break into your house? Godzilla??? More than one gun for self defense? Are you John Wick?? They found 17 guns in this guy's hotel room!, an AK-47, AR-15s ... obviously the actual guns are not the problem, but the regulations and control over them can make a huge difference and save many lives... to all of you saying oh someone that really wants to get them would find the way regardless and get around it .. laws may discourage them in the process, and that alone could save lives ...the point is .. enough isn't being done to control and regulate this and that HAS to change #readingcomprehension

  • 41w ago _kascayde_ _kascayde_

    So true. What are people so damn afraid of that they think they need a gun to be safe? Dangerous criminals? = call law enforcement. Run away. Threaten them with other shit like a knife or a bat if you're that way inclined. Buy a taser. Mentally ill people with guns? = buy half the population of the planet a straight jacket because people with mental health issues are so. obviously. dangerous. (/sarcasm plz don't attack me). SO MANY MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE EXIST WITHOUT HURTING OTHERS. Wild animals? = Call animal control. look at Australia (ie home to some of the most dangerous wildlife in the world) with their strict gun regulations and tell me they're suffering. There are a billion ways to deal with dangerous wildlife other than shooting animals to death. Ps stricter gun regulations and supply regulations will make it harder for ANYONE to get arms, including the people acquiring them illegally.

  • 41w ago zhoxx.yyy zhoxx.yyy

    Thanks Danell. After the Bataclan attacks in Paris, Trump nearly insulted the French by saying that if French laws allowed people to have and use guns, the tragedy wouldn't have happened because someone could have killed the terrorists. If it only could be that simple.... if only there was an easy way to deal with it. What happened in Las Vegas showed that allowing people to have guns is useless to counterattack terrorists. It only helps the terrorists and mass shooters to have easy access to the weapons they want to use to destroy innocent lives.

  • 41w ago blessedrcm blessedrcm

    @this_is_teresa My girlfriend danced for years. I am well aware that it's only on a rare blue moon that you run into a real male in that industry. I don't go back and forth with women so don't try kid.

  • 41w ago blessedrcm blessedrcm

    @ivor_pine oh please you don't even believe in the Bible. If you did you would know damn well the most high didn't even grant women with real wisdom. Their hearts are like snares and they hate order and love chaos. ALL observable traits for any real man to discern.

  • 41w ago eca_in_la eca_in_la

    Unbelievable!!! and the Secretary of press of the White House said that this is not the moment to talk about that. We have to wait more victims to get the right moment?? It is my question!!!

  • 41w ago _kascayde_ _kascayde_

    I think guns are ok if you're on a farm and/or you're a hunter. Around those allowances there need to be some tough regulations eg limit to how much ammunition you can buy, gun registration, how many guns an individual can own, storage conditions. Making responsible gun ownership a thing is not an unreasonable request. But at the same time not every single citizen needs to own a gun. If you live in the city what coyotes u gonna kill? Self protection against criminals, you say? There's this thing called law enforcement - call them. Run away. Threaten them with other shit like a taser or knife if you feel the need to protect yourself. But you don't need a gun to stop a petty thief or someone who breaks into your house to steal stuff. They don't really deserve to die for nicking your stereo. you shouldn't want or need to use lethal force in the daily life of an average citizen.

  • 41w ago mgallegos91 mgallegos91

    @noah_shamy there's no reason why an average American citizen needs a military style gun

  • 41w ago alexfrank.e alexfrank.e

    I really look up to you as a gymnast, but I think that you will loose a lot of friends with stuff like this. That being said, I still respect you and love you as gymnast!

  • 41w ago kylebrown01 kylebrown01

    The gun was illegal. Criminals will still find their way to get their hands on em. Look at all the laws on marijuana... not legal in most places, but you can get it very easily anywhere you go. More laws won't do shit. If you don't like it, leave.

  • 41w ago dr.digs dr.digs

    There isn't a single new law that could have prevented this.... Everything this guy did was already illegal.

  • 41w ago ferris.alex27 ferris.alex27

    Yes our gun laws have not been changed because no matter the law criminals are going to find a way to get a gun

  • 40w ago mpassaro mpassaro

    No matter what anyone is saying this is an important matter and you speaking out on this issue is hugely important. Thank you.

  • 40w ago andersonjfl andersonjfl

    It’s funny here in America (says this Texas born US citizen) we are always telling other countries how to run their governments, but when other nations that don’t have mass shootings, for example like Israel, tell us perhaps you should ban citizens owning military assault weapons like we have and maybe that will help significantly curtail mass shootings in the US, we say mind your own business.

  • 40w ago andersonjfl andersonjfl

    And as an attorney, it is worth noting that conservative Court Justices (like former Justice Scalia) interpret the Constitution according to an “originalist” judicial philosophy meaning they apply the Constitution as they believe the framers meant it when it was originally written. This is basis they regularly cite for holding that the Constitution should not be, in their view, “expanded” to protect civil rights of various minority groups. That being the case what the framers intended when they adopted the Second Amendment protecting the right to bear arms was every citizen has the right the own a powder loaded musket or pistol. Fine, let’s go with that. I don’t think the guy in Vegas could have killed anyone but himself with a musket.

  • 40w ago chrissyg222 chrissyg222

    ❤️❤️❤️ We all need to speak up and speak out #ENOUGH

  • 35w ago rachel_yoandri rachel_yoandri

    Es cierto, ese tipo de armas no deberian estar en las calles. Las armas solo sirven para matar. Ahora si lo que quieres es sentirte protegido pues estoy de acuerdo en que vendan armas pero no de largo alcance, ni semi automaticas,ninguna se esas con las que se pueda hacer semejantes matanzas.

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