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I think the problem with our generation is that we can’t maintain great relationships because we lack communication and confrontation. We send signals expecting the other person to understand and respond to our needs.We all lie by acting like everything is alright..when isn’t. Honestly speaking I hate confrontation myself but I’m learning the more you grow up you learn to confront and say what you feel and mean what I say with a pure heart. Communication kills assumptions. Kids are born today they don’t have Mothers/Fathers because both adults assumed that they love each other only to find out all they wanted was sex. Marriage are collapsing because partners can’t express how they feel and what they expect out of their relationships. Siblings are enemies today because of assumptions. If we could communicate we will save a lot of relationships. People walk away from people they loved and feel rejected because neither parties spoke. So many relationships would be healed because pride can’t coexist where communication is spoken. You love them? Tell them . They upset you? Learn to communicate your feelings without judging the other person. Truth is you might be rejected for telling the truth. There is life after rejection. But at least you ain’t holding on and wondering. I rather be hated for the truth than to be loved for lying. #mcm #realtalk #mphoentlelanga #mensfashion #menswear #menstyle #dapper #dope #streetphotography #streetstyle #igers #photography #photooftheday #instagood #instadaily #jozi


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