Instagram post by @hwmk "Hawaii" Mike Salman

On July 1st I started a journey to become present, to live now. Not regret the past nor worry about the future. Along the way simple things like breathing exercises have been phenomenal. Sounded weird to me at first but breath is life, and just like we take blessings we have for granted, we take breathing for granted as well. I have used guided meditations a lot too. Some have affirmations that really help instill positive thinking into my everyday life. Starting tomorrow, I will share one of the seven affirmations that I listen to each day. For today, think about this quote from Albert Einstein, when you do, take the time to look around, even in the mirror, and see if you can see the miracles of life around and in you. And for anyone curious as to why I’m sharing, I’m just opening dialogue showing there are people we relate to and we all go through things during this time we call life, sometimes you simply just need a relatable voice. #YouCantHealWhatYouDontReveal


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