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  • 15w ago rutheunjoo rutheunjoo

    마지막 춤은 나와 함께

  • 15w ago alehgiulia alehgiulia


  • 15w ago aa_nn229 aa_nn229


  • 15w ago aa_nn229 aa_nn229

    اطلق من يصور فيديو

  • 15w ago jplmt jplmt

    I see What you see,but feeling it differently. So beautiful and yet so desolate...and cold. How high were you?were you cold at that hight? Where is this lovely and lonely place?......I guess this is my mood; therefore the loneliness. I am cold and covered with my blankie.....thinking of warm thoughts, warm company, warm words and a warm drink ....aaah! The feelings are warming my brain,making it so sweet and dear. But wait! ...it is cold up there; but I can hear and feel the steel drums soothing my ears! Thank you Mr JiSung for taking me there with your posting.✌️👍❤️🖖@justin_jisung.

  • 15w ago jplmt jplmt

    Ha! Missed the caption...... lovely Hawaii!!!!👍❤️

  • 15w ago 12to_mo_to89 12to_mo_to89


  • 15w ago zeynepkmi zeynepkmi

    Bayıldım 💕💕

  • 15w ago jjing_80 jjing_80

    여긴 어딘지...

  • 15w ago rania.ih rania.ih


  • 15w ago vinaalby vinaalby

    😊 good .. 👍( aku benar² sudah tidak waras terus² kuputar ulang drama yg Oppa mainkan ) 😂😆 @justin_jisung

  • 15w ago i.am_pink.red i.am_pink.red

    Very beautiful 💕

  • 15w ago yuliastreletskaya yuliastreletskaya

    Вау нрав горы

  • 15w ago lppin lppin

    Deep breath

  • 15w ago iriyeohno iriyeohno

    Wow so pretty! Have fun in Hawaii Oppa ♡

  • 15w ago jenniferhsu165 jenniferhsu165

    So beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  • 15w ago izdehar.elf izdehar.elf


  • 15w ago iamredc57 iamredc57


  • 15w ago sue_prapty sue_prapty

    Wooow very beautiful😉

  • 15w ago spring_bessy spring_bessy


  • 15w ago emi_ymsk emi_ymsk


  • 15w ago lisa_hassan88 lisa_hassan88

    So beautiful.... 😍

  • 15w ago sarangbi_ sarangbi_


  • 15w ago sarangbi_ sarangbi_

    Harika bir manzara 🌼

  • 15w ago sarangbi_ sarangbi_

    Nice catch❗️

  • 15w ago sarangbi_ sarangbi_

    Thank you for sharing ☑️

  • 15w ago juanypa17 juanypa17

    Maravilloso ❤❤❤

  • 15w ago diaryoflou diaryoflou

    Nerden çıktın sen taa oraya jisungum

  • 15w ago bindizphotography bindizphotography

    Aloha!!!!! #polynesianculturalcenter #Oahu 🌴🙏🏻🦎🌺🌊🏄

  • 15w ago dayik1985 dayik1985


  • 14w ago crisdu4417 crisdu4417

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  • 14w ago bella_roselee bella_roselee

    정말 멋지네요😍

  • 14w ago _honeymyloves _honeymyloves

    Just like in Mount Pulag Oppa. I hope you will visit here in Philippines Oppa.

  • 14w ago xxsunshine_666 xxsunshine_666

    so beutiful😍

  • 13w ago yumissfeng yumissfeng


  • 13w ago lamepagd lamepagd


  • 13w ago roh_younghee roh_younghee


  • 4w ago egao1217 egao1217

    우아~제가 2번이나 다녀온 곳인데 왜 정상까지 안 올려갔지.....ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • 3w ago j763_ j763_

    Truly didn’t need a Caption . The Wonders of Nature just take your Breath away ...💙

  • 2w ago marioladelmar marioladelmar

    Un lugar precioso!!!

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