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Transparent paints on the back of the panel lights up the instrumentation. Has to use my magnifying goggles and plenty of reference photos for this one. •

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  • 59w ago tlbauerle tlbauerle


  • 59w ago richard_walshaw richard_walshaw

    Ive been helping build a similar thing just on a bigger scale i know what you mean with the panels check my photos

  • 59w ago falconbuild falconbuild

    @richard_walshaw that's remarkable. Not a simple endeavor. Private owner?

  • 59w ago richard_walshaw richard_walshaw

    @falconbuild its been a very difficult build its 1 private owner ive just been helping out with the electric side of things but theres been loads working on it. we only finshed it fully last night so seeing it done was quite something.

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