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Instagram post by @emilyrexz Emily Leon

I know ive been quiet for the past few days, but its because ive been working on this CRAZY time consuming project for @funimation for the live action Tokyo Ghoul movie! I MADE DEZ KAGUNE. K im tired goodnight.

#tokyoghoul #funimation #anime #kagune #rize #kaneki #kenkaneki #tokyoghoulmovie


  • 16w ago ichicocomics ichicocomics

    That is fucking dope✌️✌️😁

  • 16w ago lenny_manager lenny_manager

    Thats dope

  • 16w ago drjahrling drjahrling

    I hope they don’t fuck this up like they did death note.

  • 16w ago dozer_boy17 dozer_boy17

    So freaking sweet 😁💮

  • 16w ago le.ginger.ale le.ginger.ale

    @drjahrling death note was scary af

  • 16w ago drjahrling drjahrling

    @le.ginger.ale I’m going to have to disagree with that one. Haha after that fiasco in the beginning when Ryuk first showed up and light screamed like a biotch, it lost everything. And then they tried to jam an entire anime in one movie and they completely fucked it up. They should have made it into a series. Haha

  • 16w ago le.ginger.ale le.ginger.ale

    @drjahrling right I couldn't even get in to it. I ended up skipping some of it to see the characters and wanted to cry afterwards

  • 16w ago drjahrling drjahrling

    @drjahrling ... I stoped watching it after the first semi sex scene. Hahaha.

  • 16w ago henrysyy henrysyy

    It's you @jamesmiju

  • 16w ago mr_gonzalez88 mr_gonzalez88

    It's looks so dope. A lot of effort was put into making that.

  • 16w ago jamesmiju jamesmiju

    @henrysyy hehehe

  • 16w ago jamesmiju jamesmiju

    It looks amazing

  • 16w ago mishamai mishamai

    😱😱😱 so good!!

  • 16w ago nickyls nickyls

    So sick! Great job! Been seeing so many pictures, looks like it was a hit

  • 15w ago brianakabc brianakabc

    That's awesome. I recently got into Tokyo Ghoul since my sister is a huge fan. You have talent!

  • 15w ago therealalex_9 therealalex_9

    Wtf you did Whit lui

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