Instagram post by @erikreptileguy Erik Callender

Just before finding this lovely animal in the Sebangau National Park my guide said calmly "look an Anaconda" "Whaaaaat!!!" i) I shouted then said "wait were in Borneo anacondas don't live here .... and behold a gorgeous wild Reticulated python resting in a tree just above our heads "OMG OMG I can't believe It I shouted again "! Well that very statements karmic vibration sent the snake plunging into to the murkey peat swamp to never be seen again! Full of disappointment I was for a moment....I understood that with this feeling it was unlikely I would see more snakes... sooooo I siiiiied e
And repeated to mysllf I'll see more again one day I know I will! 10 min later there she was resting quietly and this time I Belived it!!! Always Believe in your Dreams!! Peace joy and happiness always Love Erik



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