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Bahahahahahahahahahaha, the only thing better than this would be if #tartecosmetics used blocks of color ala LC on their Instagram once they had been shamed into doing something about their security breach... This is too funny, sad and I am in no way downplaying or making light of the Breach situation. I just find that their way of handling it to be so similar to how Lime and D'oh handled it that it's funny. But what happened is most definitely not amusing.
Seriously Tarte needs to get their shit together and be professional. They've been on my "to watch list" for a while now . now they're on my shit list , this was the final straw.
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  • 38w ago dstormborn dstormborn

    @riplimegrime I'm so over Tarte now! I write a beauty column for a local, independent magazine; I test and review products, review trends, as well as give recommendations and talk about my holy grails. For the last issue, my editor contacted the brands I reviewed and requested promo pictures. Every single brand EXCEPT Tarte gladly sent some to use. I contacted customer service multiple times, with no response, and the instagram response is always "DM us, give us your name, and we will get back to you." I've used their products for years and are so disgusted with how they treat small columnists, and now this security breach...I don't think I'm going to write about their products anymore.

  • 38w ago rip2shadybeauty rip2shadybeauty

    Honestly, they've been on my watch list for awhile with how they treat Instagram gurus and their customers. This is the final straw and why they're now on my do not buy list. Their makeup is overrated and over priced anyways.

  • 38w ago queenstaceface queenstaceface

    This is so disappointing. I ignore the drama and focus on the makeup (which I understand some people can't do) and so I've always liked Tarte for being cruelty free, and their Rainforest of the Sea foundation in Porcelain is my perfect match. :(

  • 38w ago queenstaceface queenstaceface

    Actually let me rephrase that a little bit, I don't buy J* or Lime Crime because, you know, drama, but until now Tarte hadn't done anything I was super personally offended by.

  • 38w ago fromkaliwithlove fromkaliwithlove

    Damn fam. I like their products, but I’ll be looking elsewhere for a while, until they get their shit together completely. I won’t support a brand that takes an immature route, no matter how great their products are. They’re one of the best cruelty free brands, but I’ll definitely be taking my money somewhere else until they get their heads out of their asses.

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