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Instagram post by @amapaday A Map A Day

Map showing the distance WWII fighters can fly from the UK mainland

Reddit user /u/GTFErinyes summarizes this map nicely:

“I love this map. It really illustrates the point about military aviation past vs. present and how "crude" flying was during WW2, in a lot of ways, and why it was such a dangerous job. Bomber crews knew they couldn't get very far into Germany without losing their fighter escorts early on in the war, and the Germans knew that, simply choosing to wait until the escorts were gone to get up into the air to attack the bomber formations.”

“The disparity in technology between more modern jet powered aircraft and WW2 aircraft too is insane. For instance, a B-17 on a "long range" combat mission of 800 miles could carry about 4,000 pounds of bombs and would have a crew of 10. A B-52, which first flew just 7 years after WW2 ended, could carry 70,000 pounds of bombs with a crew of 6... and it could fly 4,000 miles each way. Heck, a modern jet fighter like an F-15E Strike Eagle can carry 23,000 pounds of bombs, missiles, or extra fuel over a nearly 800 mile combat radius. That's a two person jet that can drop more bombs (much much more accurately) than a 11 person B-29 and also fight air to air if it needed to all the while flying higher and faster.”

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